Dell Inspiron B120 wont charge

By gma46 ·
I have a 2 yr old dell inspiron. Just this weekend it stopped charging. The power supply has been tested and 19 volts is at the tip just fine. the green light on the power supply is glowing too. However whenever i plug the cable into the Laptop, with or without battery attached, the light goes out on the power supply and the computer remains dead.

I am not sure that the power supply is the issue, maybe the battery? or could it be something on the mobo?

I tried linking it to external monitor to ground it but to no avail.

Any help would be great, thanks

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Dell Battery Recall

by Bizzo In reply to Dell Inspiron B120 wont c ...

Last year Dell had a battery recall program due to problems with some of their batteries. Try checking this out,

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Bad connections

by mjd420nova In reply to Dell Inspiron B120 wont c ...

This sounds like the power connector on the system board has broken loose from the traces. The connector has a small switch that changes the power source when the adapter is plugged in. If a trace is broken, the switch would activate but the connection is not complete. One of the cures I use is to mount a female connector on the end of a short pair of wires soldered to the board. This prevents the connection from beaking loose again and allows you to use the same adapter. This is a job for a service center or competent repair person.

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to Dell Inspiron B120 wont c ...

I have an Inspiron 4000. When my battery goes dead, it does roughly the same thing. Light on the computer comes on as if it's charging and then goes out. Battery won't charge. Result: bad battery. However, when this happens the light does not go out on the power adapter.

Your problem appears to be a little different. The problem is power supply issues are difficult to diagnose. Yours could be a bad power adapter despite the voltage your testing. The fact that the light is not staying on the adapter means to me the adapter is not functioning. You might try another adapter to see if this resolves the problem.

If it does not, it could be the power jack as mentioned. Try wiggling the cord, connector, and jack (be careful). Make sure the power adapter cords are not twisted or bent. See if that makes a difference. It could have come loose as described or just be faulty. That is a common complaint of the Inspiron model. If that is your problem, a repair shop is the only option. Only after you've ruled these out would I suggest a new battery.

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It's not the power supply!

by gma46 In reply to Dell Inspiron B120 wont c ...

Well i tested with a new power supply and no success, i took the laptop apart and there was no loose components on the mobo, all i can imagine is a chip has blown.

was contemplating just buying all new parts and rebuilding bgger and better, but it might just be wiser to buy a new one! prob not worth the expense of trying to get it fixed either!

is it easy enuff to transfer the data from the existing harddrive to the new laptop?

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