Dell laptop hdd drive won't do anything

By bevlove238 ·
hdd drive failed. The hard drive show nothing.How do I get it back up? It had xp

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If the drive has failed.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Dell laptop hdd drive won ...

... chances are you're out of luck, unless you want to pay thousands of dollars to a firm that does data recovery.

How do you know the drive has failed if "it shows nothing"? What are you reading it with to SEE there is "nothing"? What are the symptoms? Perhaps there's something else wrong.

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hdd failed (Toshiba) mk8026gax hdd2191dzk01

by bevlove238 In reply to If the drive has failed.. ...

I did a diagnostic (hit F12) from laptop it could not read hdd. Then used PowerSuite hopeing to backup data but it showed nothing on hard drive. I?ve never had one do this before.

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Run diagnostic software on the hard drive

by nepenthe0 In reply to Dell laptop hdd drive won ...

Download the free Seatools diagnostic software from Seagate:

Create a bootable CD with the free CDBurnerXP:

Follow these instructions to make the CD bootable:

If the hard drive checks out OK, post back in this thread for further assistance.

Rick/Portland, OR

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If you are saying this because you can not boot the computer

by OH Smeg In reply to Dell laptop hdd drive won ...

It may just be corrupt Windows File/s.

You can recover from this by removing the HDD fitting it to a USB Caddy and plugging it into another computers USB Port to see what you can recover.

If you have a M$ Branded Install Disc not a System Makers Recovery Disc you can do a repair install but we first need to know what has happened. If the drive is truly dead the only option if you absolutely need the Data is to send it away to a Data Recovery House who can work with Dead HDD's and not just ones that are not booting. Places like On Track or Seagate Data Recovery Services are some of the places that can work with Dead Drives.

However if it is just a corrupt file that is stopping the computer from booting and the drive is actually working it is much easier to get back from here but you can not use the Dell Recovery Disc that was provided with the computer you need a M$ one.

As suggested above download Seatools and test the drive before you do anything else and then post back here for a possible solution but Do Not Rush things if you need to recover any Data on the Drive as once you overwrite it things get really expensive.

You also need to get it out of the computer to see if you have a problem there or in the drive. But you will need to either remove any jumper on the drive if it is a 2.5 inch Drive or set it to master if it is a 3.5 inch drive so it works in an external enclosure.

Of course knowing the type of HDD either IDE or SATA would also help a lot.


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hdd failed (Toshiba) mk8026gax hdd2191dzk01

by bevlove238 In reply to If you are saying this be ...

I called Dell because I do not have a Utility CD or XP CD. It is or was on hard drive. They are sending one but I did not want to loose data. I saved your fix. Thank you much.

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Your Welcome. <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to hdd failed (Toshiba) mk80 ...

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