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Dell Laptop Inspiron 8500 Screen Displays only White Light?

By rat01 ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 (almost 4yrs old) that displays nothing but a white light from the LCD panel. I have pulled the LCD panel and checked the connections (removed/replaced) and they all seem fine. I've connected an external monitor to the laptop and that works fine. Is the problem the panel or the inverter? Is there a way to check or should I go ahead and replace the inverter since that's the least expensive option to start with. I can't see spending $400 dollars to replace the panel. Thanks for any help.

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Well, sounds like the inverter. If LCD was blown, you'd have black

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Dell Laptop Inspiron 8500 ...

LCD screen instead of an all white screen. Start with replacing the inverter, as those things usually **** faster than the LCD does.

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Whoaaa bessie, you've got it backwards......

by robo_dev In reply to Well, sounds like the inv ...

All white means the inverter is fine. All black means the inverter is shot.

Remember it's the 'backlight inverter' and if that part is gone you have no working backlight (and a very dark screen).

If the image is all white now (no pun intended or refernce to the 'Free' song 'all right now'), then the image signals are not getting to the display. Bad or loose signal cable, display circuitry, video card, etc.

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well either way....

by tha.daddy In reply to Whoaaa bessie, you've got ...

that would make sense. my problem was a loose connection on the back. not sure if it was the top or bottom connector since i fiddled with both. i'm just glad it was an easy problem and not an inverter cause those look hard to change out!

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Check the cable

by hlpipe In reply to Dell Laptop Inspiron 8500 ...

Your issue is probably already resolved. So this is for anyone having this issue in the future. I was able to take apart the lcd screen....LOTS of little screws....and found that the cable was not plugged in all the way. Once I plugged it in, the white screen went away and returned to normal. SO....if you are comfortable taking the screen apart, I highly recommend it!

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Cable had been replaced

by rat01 In reply to Check the cable

I had tried replacing that flat cable inside the lid which is attached to the back of the LCD panel itself but that didn't resolve the problem. Is there another connection I should check? I ended up buying a used assembled LCD replacement panel but I also still have the original panel hoping I'm able to fix it someday. Thanks for your posting

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Its a loose cable, not lcd problem

by tha.daddy In reply to Check the cable

I had the same problem. Closed my screen a little too hard and it went white. after reading a few threads and forums i decided to take the plunge and take apart the lcd bezel. Took the screen out, flipped it over, fiddled with the connectors a little, and figured id try it. Low and behold it worked! A white screen is one of two things. A loose connection or the inverter is bad. In my case it was just a loose connection. By the way it was on a Dell Inspiron 5100. Hope this helps everyone!

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Bad inverter = black screen, not white

by robo_dev In reply to Its a loose cable, not lc ...

The inverter is what feeds power to the backlight....and if your screen is a bright white color, your backlight is surely working properly.

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