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Dell laptop monitor flashing white

By thomasbacon ·
The LCD on my Dell Inspiron 2500 flashes completely white intermittantly. It seems to get progressively worse the longer the computer is on, until it stays white for minutes at a time. An external monitor works fine with it. Do I need a new LCD? Help!

Thanks in advance,

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by Oz_Media In reply to Dell laptop monitor flash ...

Could be a hooped LCD panel yes. It COULD be as simple as a poor connection too.

Does it happen when you wiggle the screen a bit on the hinge(s)?

I would try replacing the graphics drivers but I wouldn't hold too much hope if it is an older LCD.

Sorry I can't be the bearer of 'TRY REBOOTING' news but that's what I've run into once or twice.

The screen has a solid white backlight and then a
then another LCD pannel in front of it. When that LCD panel goes clear (or just plain stops working) you get the white light only.

The opposite is when the backlight goes and you're left with a greyish black screen, that you just KNOW is on but you can barely see the images.

Here's some other stuff I found in deja newpgroups

" A firm rap to the back
of the display would set it right again for awhile, but after a few months
that stopped working and the display was replaced under the extended

"If the LCD panel goes white, there are only two reasons, LCD panel itself
faulty or inverter board. I think its LCD panel."

Hope this helps.

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by Choppit In reply to Dell laptop monitor flash ...

Sounds to me like this could be as simple as a dry joint or a loose connector. The white flash is seen because the whole screen fails to polarise, therefore letting the backlight show through.

If you're confident to do so, I'd suggest gently removing the inside (keyboard side) cover from the screen and checking the connections and ribbons for snug fit or possible fractures around the hinge of the unit.

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by peter_maryan In reply to Dell laptop monitor flash ...

It is the LCD cable that wraps from the back of the screen through the flex area into the base part of the laptop.

SAME THING happened to me, and dell replaced the flex cable.


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