Dell Laptop-Problem battery or cord?

By goodintentions82 ·
So Im not very tech savvy (that would be my husband) but he's even at a loss for whats going on with my beloved Dell Inspiron laptop. Im thinking it's all related but then again maybe not.

First it started with a high frequency sound when the the cable would come loose for whatever reason. Some tinkering with the cord hooks into the laptop sometimes fixes this problem.

If not then the laptop runs on battery power. Occasionally if it runs down for whatever reason and even left to charge, it will not turn back on for days sometimes. No lights indicating it is charging or anything, basically just a paper weight.

At one time taking the battery out and shaking it about (a la Hokey Pokey) would remedy this problem. Now this doesnt even work all the time and I fear one day it will not turn back on.

Do I need a new cord? Is that why sometimes it will not stay plugged into the laptop? Or do I need a new battery and that is why sometimes it needs to be shaken about? Thanks!

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Close inspection

by mjd420nova In reply to Dell Laptop-Problem batte ...

The most common problem with these units is that the AC adapter plug has been jammed into the connector and dislogded the connector from the pc board it is mounted to. Sometimes just a resoldering of the connector is all that's needed, but most of the time, the connector needs to be replaced and in extreme cases, the board needs to be repaired to fix lifted traces. A number of units I've repaired have had to have a short pair of leads soldered to the board to replace the lifted traces and mount the connector externally. This allows the original adapter to be used and prevents the connector from getting jammed again.

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Old Dell

by goodintentions82 In reply to Close inspection

Would love to call and get Dell to fix the problem, unfortunately I've had the laptop for 3 years. I havent checked but I pretty well assumed my warranty has probably ran out.

Update: Once again it is dead, I went to turn it on last night after I got off work and nothing. No lights, sounds or anything, sometimes it heals itself and sometimes it doesnt

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If you have a warranty on the machine

by wanttocancel In reply to Dell Laptop-Problem batte ...

Call Dell and explain the problem to them. In my experience doing warranty repairs for them that they will replaced the motherboard and the ac adapter as those are covered by the warranty.

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Most Likely

by w2ktechman In reply to Dell Laptop-Problem batte ...

the power connector on the motherboard is bad/dislodged/loose. However, as a test, pull the notebook battery completely and try running on power only. If it works fine, then it may be a bad battery.

Also, if it is under warranty, call Dell first, let them diagnose/repair

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