dell laptop screen is flickering and shooting lines everywhere

By spags76 ·
Hi guys,
I'm hoping someone can help me as I am pretty much troubleshooting illiterate. I traveled yesterday via air and possibly my laptop took a bump or something because now the screen is loading but within seconds begins to flicker and shoot random vertical and horizontal lines across the screen. It's also shooting random colors.

I'd just like to have an idea for what is wrong before I bring it to a professional. If anyone has an idea of the problem/solution and possible cost of solution I'd REALLY appreciate it.


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External Monitor

by NormH3 In reply to dell laptop screen is fli ...

First thing I would do is connect the laptop to an external monitor and see if the symptoms display there as well. If not, it is possible the ribbon cable that connects the flat panel to the main board is loose. Reseating it is not too dificult, but if you are not familiar with Dell laptop repair, you are better off finding someone who is. If the hardware is failing, it could get pricy to replace parts.

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Well depending on what happened here to begin with

by OH Smeg In reply to dell laptop screen is fli ...

The NB probably got X Rayed it would be a good idea to pull the HDD and copy your data off it Immediately before proceeding any further.

As this will require the NB's case to be opened for a full diagnostic after you plug in an External Monitor to confirm that it is actually the computer and not just the screen there isn't much more that can be done.

Always when you go through Air Port Security you should ask for your NB to be visually inspected not X Rayed.


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