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Dell Laptop Screen Problem

By jgoldsmith ·
My laptop LCD screen has a 1 inch band on the right side of very thin lines of all different colors. It is almost like an overlay because you can slide objects behind the flickering lines. My computer works fine and when plugged into a projector my screen works well. Any idea what might be causing the lines? I need some help before opting for a new LCD screen.

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by ReWrite In reply to Dell Laptop Screen Proble ...

You can check the screen connector cable but it sounds like a new screen is in order. Try changing the screen resolution and see if the lines stay constant. If so, it's probably the screen.



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by G.Brown In reply to Dell Laptop Screen Proble ...

If you can see the lines before you see anything to do with Windows or you see it in the BIOS then the lcd panel is faulty.

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by grandhighdruid In reply to Dell Laptop Screen Proble ...

The only other ray of hope is that it MAY be the inverter board. Not likely, but possible. Also, you may want to try twisting the LCD screen if all else fails. Not a lot, no more than an inch or so. Sometimes this works wonders. Usually, though, if it is an inverter board, the whole screen goes bad; also, most manufacturers these days don't consider the inverter board to be a separate piece. Hope this helps!!

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You are the MAN!

by fofura In reply to

Hey grandhighdruid!
I am just set to take off to Africa and my lappie just starting having the lines trouble, red, green, blue shimmery areas and WOW! I twisted a little this way and that and BAM! The screen is FIXED! No more lines. Thanks for the great tip! You saved me last minute aggravation beyond belief!

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Twist a 17" HP screen?

by TBirdBob In reply to You are the MAN!

I read a couple of 'happy' replies where user solved his problem by twisting the screen. Can I do this even with a 17" HP (Pavillion) screen? I have had the ever increasing vertical multi-colored lines fore about a month. Then, last week a whole 1" band toward the left appeared. Thanks.

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by Johntastic In reply to

I had the same issue for the last few weeks. Was pretty sure my laptop was on its last leg, but decided to just hold off on getting a new one.

This morning, I started getting the band of "noise" in two places and thought it was time to upgrade. I ran across this post just to do some basic tech support and now my screen's completely clear and working perfectly. You're a lifesaver!

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by Poettone In reply to Dell Laptop Screen Proble ...

It actuall is a bad lcd..

When you say you slid objects behind the missing parts, so its an Overlay problem..

Via for the new lcd and please be careful when changing it:)

Good Luck.

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dell laptop screen problem - INSPIRON 5160

by asdqqqqq In reply to Dell Laptop Screen Proble ...

looking at the posts out there it seems like this is a wide spread problem with Dell laptop screens; outing the disply to a monitor/external display with success suggests it is not a graphics card problem. If changing the resolution doesnt move the position of the lines it looks like you need a new screen.

My screen started displaying the same symptoms - 1 line at first then over a few weeks more appeared [green, red...] only to become more and more frustrating.

as my dell cover has expired [18 months] dell are unhelpfull and will charge near 300 gbp to fix.

I have decided it is not worth replacing as research suggests this will just happen again in 18 months or so...

good luck.

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same problem

by mobile In reply to Dell Laptop Screen Proble ...

I have had this exact same problem twice with my Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2. The first time I sent it in to Dell and they replaced the screen... the 2nd time, however, I managed to just bend the screen and then it fixed itself...

My lines, both times, were on the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen rather than on the right side thought.

Even though I have fixed it twice (once by replacing, once by just bending the screen until it worked again) I still don't really know what the problem is.

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by taho_shirtless In reply to same problem

I have a dell latitude c810. It does what I need it to do, but I dropped it and cracked the screen. I'd like to replace it and I know there must be 1000s collecting dust. Any ideas on how to get one for cheap, cheap.

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