Dell laptop year old hitting Payguard ?

By silverwind17 ·
My mom did an online servey and got a free dell laptop for comepleting the servey.That was a year and half ago.

Now its doing something very strange its letting her do what ever she wants for ten minutes the locking up and putting Pay guard on her screen.The company she got it from is going through chapter 1 bank rupture.And the numbers for saport are no good now.

Any ideas of whats going on?And how do we fix it?

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I would

by IC-IT In reply to Dell laptop year old hitt ...

Download Autoruns;

Boot into Safe Mode
Run autoruns
look for startup items that may be associated with Payguard or the folks that marketed it.
Also check in your add/remove programs.

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Well as Pay Guard is supposed to offer Secure On Line Payment Options

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell laptop year old hitt ...

I would hazard a guess that the License has expired and this is what is causing this to happen.

You need to uninstall Pay Guard from the system if you do not wish to purchase another license.

Failing that you may be required to reload the system after backing up the users data with a Recovery Set that you order from Dell. This shouldn't come equipped with the Pay Guard Program but none the less you should check to see if it's installed and remove it if it is.


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thank you

by silverwind17 In reply to Well as Pay Guard is supp ...

thank you to the two people who have offered some ideas on the issue.I'll see what i can do i know its ten minutes in any mode of windows and that the system is useing vista.

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If you have any trouble disabling this

by seanferd In reply to thank you

inside the ten minutes you have, let us know.

The Autoruns program suggested above is excellent for turning software like PayGuard off.

Reinstalling with new Disks from Dell will work as well, but the first option will be more immediately available.

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thank you

Lets know how you get on here.


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it'll be a few days

by silverwind17 In reply to Your Welcome

it'll be a few days mom lives in town and im out side of it but we'll see if this can help us fix it.

The fact that this happened is painful to think about i cautioned her when they wanted money to send it.

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Not to worry

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to it'll be a few days

I'll be around here.

I don't have a life so I have nothing else to do.

Col :^0

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We'll check in, no worries.

by seanferd In reply to it'll be a few days

I'm sure we are all subscribed to alerts on this thread as well.

We'll help as you progress.

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Off-topic comment from me

by seanferd In reply to Dell laptop year old hitt ...

"Bank rupture".


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Since you've done it for me

by santeewelding In reply to Off-topic comment from me

That's the first thing I noticed in his post. But I didn't want to detract from the enormity of his problem with a comment.

Now, I can.

I will make the expression my own. It is far better than the other one.

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