Dell Latitude 630 won't start on plane

By almalibro ·
I have a realtively new Dell Latitude 630 (6 months old). I boots fine on the ground - but will not finish running the start up scripts in the air --no matter what I try. (different screen angles, different computer angles, etc....)any idea what is going on - 7 hour trips are a real drag when I need to get work done!!!

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Rather than a Latitude, maybe you need a DELL Altitude :^0...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dell Latitude 630 won't s ...

How are you powering this vertigo-suffering NB ?

Perhaps your adapter isn't compatible with the PSU onboard the aircraft.

Also, depending on where you've got it sitting while onboard, it might be overheating.

How EXACTLY is it failing to perform ?

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or Dell Longitude

by Snuffy09 In reply to Rather than a Latitude, m ...

Are you using a battery? or a power source provided by the Plane?

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Well my first reaction is a Heat Issue here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Latitude 630 won't s ...

If the Air Intake to cool the CPU is blocked this will cause this to happen though I would double check the Power Adapter in use here it may not be compatible with the Aircrafts Power Supply. You need one that works with a Square Wave AC Input not a Sine Wave.

Also with all NB's that I sell I supply a Cool Pad like this one

This picks the NB up of whatever surface it is placed on and prevents the Air Intakes for the Cooling System from getting blocked an it also helps to prevent dust and other rubbish getting sucked in and eventually blocking things up.

Though as many Aircraft rely on Inverters to supply the Internal Power for the Passengers it could just as easily be your Power Adapter not working with a Square Wave AC Supply. This is a problem with Inverters as they Do Not produce a Sine Wave like the AC that comes out of the Mains. While I have never heard of a Mains Adapter for a NB having problems with this type of Power there are many other devices that do have problems as they where never designed to work through an Inverter and then the Mains Adapters need to be changed to one that can.

If nothing else that is worth looking into here as well.

Here I'm assuming that Dell has been no help is that correct?


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It's not square, it's pseudo-sinusoidal

by robo_dev In reply to Well my first reaction is ...

not everyday you get to use that term.

if it were square, it would be pulsed DC, which would likely melt everybody's laptop onto their lap.

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While True

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It's not square, it's pse ...

Many Inverters are Called Square Wave for Marketing Purposes. :)


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My guesses

by SKDTech In reply to Dell Latitude 630 won't s ...

I assume the startup scripts are part of a corporate image? Have you consulted your IT dept about the issue?

I would suggest ensuring your wireless network adapter is switched off as the pc may be hanging while searching for a nonexistent access point.

Other than that the only hardware issue i can think of may be a possible static buildup due to the interior atmosphere of the plane.

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Are you using local or domain login?

by robo_dev In reply to My guesses

I would bet that something like an automatic virus scan or Altiris software inventory job is running on startup.

When traveling with the 'Corporate Laptop' bring a Linux Distro loaded on a USB jump-drive (or CD). That way you can do what you want without hosing up the laptop image.

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