Dell Latitude C610 hard drive not found

By jwp062577 ·
OK, I have an 'old' Dell Latitude C610 that I inherited, no manuals and no discs, that now can't find the hard drive. I have removed the hard drive and re-seated it and it still didn't find it. I have another hard drive from a different PC that I can swap. I did this and I can boot from the CD with Windows XP, but I don't have any installation software. Any help, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, John

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Can you test it in another machine?

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Dell Latitude C610 hard d ...

Laptop HD failure is a somewhat common occurrence.
Laptop drives fail much more often than the larger desktop HDDs for a variety of reasons. The biggest being related to the fact that it is in a case that isn't anchored to a desk. Plus it is typically subject to more power irregularities and spikes (no UPS used).

If possible, test the drive in another laptop. You ARE seeing the drive in the BIOS, correct?

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No other computer to test it in

by jwp062577 In reply to Can you test it in anothe ...

I don't have another laptop to test the hard drive in. I do have another laptop hard drive that I know is good that I can use.

Unlike other BIOS systems that I've seen and used in the past it doesn't have the utilities that I would expect. All the BIOS says is that there is no hard drive detected. There doesn't seem to be the utility to detect hard drive or select hard drive type, format, etc.

So maybe, I could use help with simply replacing the hard drive with one that I know works. However, the BIOS doesn't seem to allow me to select the hard drive.

Any help, thoughts?

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Replace the drive and recover data.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to No other computer to test ...

When you said that you can't see the drive in the BIOS, I'm assuming you meant the drive that seems to have failed.

In order to use the 'known good' drive, you will need an install disc for Windows.
Connect the drive and then boot to the OS install disc after setting it to do so in the BIOS.

I wish I had better news, but without a valid backup of the old drive, you will not be able to restore the system without starting over.

Once you have an operating system installed, a relatively easy way to try and recover whatever data is still usable on the old drive, is to get a USB external HD enclosure. Ones made for that size HD (2.5")are very inexpensive, readily available, and easy to use.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve entire programs in this manner since they will require proper installation using a CD or downloaded installer. But you may at least be able to get individual files such as documents, graphics, video, email, etc.

Data that is not transferable by directly copying from the drive may still be able to be recovered by a company that specializes in data retrieval.

Good Luck.

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If you are after

by Jacky Howe In reply to Dell Latitude C610 hard d ...

a recovery CD you can do a google and try to find one in your area. There are a few on EBay. "Dell Latitude C610 recovery"

Here is a list of Drivers for it.


<or you> could go for a Linux distro. PC Linux is pretty straight forward.

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