Dell Latitude D600

By aweaver75 ·
A few days ago I asked a question about a Dell Latitude that would not recognize a CD/DVD rom. I bought the drive from Electronics Warehouse, and it is used, so I dont know if it is an issue with the computer or the drive. The drive lights come on, and you can hear it spin, but when you try to boot from the drive, it is unsuccessful. There is also an error message: seconday drive 0 not recognized. I ran driver detective and it picks up the drive as a samsung CDRW/DVD Rom, which is what it is. So my question is, if driver detective picks up the drive, then is it a motherboard issue, or a problem with Windows? One other thing, the IDE ATAPI driver is bad or missing. Could that be a reason why this drive is not being recognized by the computer? Thanks. Oh BIOS does not give any specfic informaiton about the drives, hard or otherwise, except to tell how much storage is in the hard drive and what kind of device is in the modular bay: CDRW/DVD Combo, is what it says.

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Without any IDE ATAPI driver - there's your problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dell Latitude D600

Although I would have expected the system to have identified 'New Hardware' on boot up, then found the necessary drivers in the usual manner. I doubt if the motherboard is picking up any data stream - but without a driver is that any wonder?

BTW - here is your previous question thread:


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BIOS won't boot CDROM is a Windows Driver problem??

by 1bn0 In reply to Without any IDE ATAPI dri ...

I think he got a lemon.

WIndows won't see the device, maybe a driver problem.

BIOS won't boot indicates problem with the hardware.

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