Dell Latitude D620 power up problem

By hop228a ·

Hoping someone can help me out there.

A friend has given me his laptop to try and fix, however, I need a second opinion to the fault, which I believe is the memory. I do not know the exact spec only what it tells me on Dell site.

Now the reason why I think its the memory, cause recently, something similar was happening to my compaq laptop (2x 512mb) until I removed and tested each module individually and one of them was faulty.

Now....with this friend laptop, when I try to power up, 5 seconds it just turns off. It currently has 1x 1GB.

Many thanks for your help.

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what to look for

by jck In reply to Dell Latitude D620 power ...

1) If it gets past the BIOS post, it probably won't be memory. It might be the CPU fan has stopped working and it's overheating. Check that out.

2) If it is memory, it could just need to be reseated in the socket or the contacts cleaned too. You might try that, as well as swapping modules and trying them one at a time.

If you have it turn off in 5 seconds, then immediately start it back up and it turns off faster, I'd say it's probably heat related more than anything.

Good luck.

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further update

by hop228a In reply to what to look for

1)Doesn't get to the BIOS post, nothing is displayed as it powers off in 5sec. I stripped open the laptop and gave the fan a little push, it doesn't feel smooth.Even when I powered up the laptop, watched and noted no movement from the fan during the 5sec.I will try to find a hair blower and give it some cold air and see if anything changes when i power up.

2.okay can confirm its not the memory as i thought it was,swapped the memory to any laptop and the DELL memory works find in the other laptop.

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Same issues

by az187uk In reply to Dell Latitude D620 power ...

I have the same issues except there are no software issues at all. If I use a docking station then the laptop works fine. As soon as i use the AC adapter the laptop switches off either immediately or after 3 secs.
I have changed the fan but it has made no difference. Laptop is in great condition so no idea what it could be.

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Reponse To Answer

by KRYSTAAL In reply to Same issues

it must b the voltage converter where u plug the AC adapter.

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