Dell Latitude D620 Stuck at 1Ghz when unplugged

By jimmysofat6864 ·
For some reason, my computer runs slow and won't turn on the fans when I am using my Latitude D620 laptop unplugged. When it is not plugged in, it throttles down to 1ghz with 40 percent CPU utilization and everything runs slower. But the moment I plug in the charger, it jumps back up to 2.19Ghz and goes back up to 100 percent CPU utilization. Is there a reason why this is happening? I have another D620 and it doesn't have this issue at all. The cooling assembly is clean and there is no dust and I added some fresh thermal paste as well. The fan is confirmed to work as I heard it ramp up during the BIOS flash.

Also I checked the power plans and I am on High Performance. I have already tried removing and reinserting the battery and reflashing the bios but nothing seems to work.
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by jimmysofat6864 In reply to Dell Latitude D620 Stuck ...

I figured it out. Turns out it was my aftermarket batteries. When using some of them, they would throttle the computer down to 0.98Ghz and with some other batteries, they would run at 2.16Ghz sustained. Even though the battery that throttled down to 0.98Ghz lasted longer, it's not an indication of battery health. Even brand new aftermarket batteries do this. I had to find a good aftermarket battery that didn't' throttle the computer and now I'm good.

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New or old behavior?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Dell Latitude D620 Stuck ...

Let's watch too.

There are priors about this but most seem to revolve around the owner tinkering and disabling SpeedStep or such.

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Tried that

by jimmysofat6864 In reply to New or old behavior?

I redid the paste and speedstep didn't seem to have any effect.

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I suspect that....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Dell Latitude D620 Stuck ...

.....The laptop is slowing down to conserve battery power to allow it to run longer when it is not plugged in to a power source. The laptop was probably designed to do that and there may or may not be a way to prevent that short of constantly keeping it plugged in to a power source. Reach out to Dell for product support.

After researching further, that laptop was released on March 2006. By today's standards it is ancient and very much out of date. Might be time to consider getting a newer model rather than spending any money trying to upgrade or service it at a repair shop.

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Not sure about that

by jimmysofat6864 In reply to I suspect that....

My other D620 laptop could run at 2.19ghz even when unplugged and this computer is capable at running at that frequency it just randomly drops off to 0.98ghz for a minute then bounces back up to 2.19.

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