Dell Latitude D800 battery not charging

By nbright1 ·
The building I live in was hit by lightening and since then my laptop does not recharge the battery.
The adaptor green led is lit and the computer continues to operate on the AC adaptor supply so I assumed the adaptor was OK and the problem was with the battery.
So I replaced the battery and still it does not charge.
From reading some other Forum contributors problems, I think it could be the laptop converter circuit.
Can anyone confirm this and advise how can this be replaced?

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Well start off by cleaning the Battery Contacts

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Latitude D800 batter ...

On both the Battery and NB. That may help with the situation.

As for replacing the Charging Circuit this is generally incorporated into the M'Board and involves replacing the M'Board. Before even looking at this option you need to confirm that that is actually what is required and since a Lighting Strike is involved here it should be a Insurance Job so the best advice that I can give it take it to a Dell Authorized Repairer for a Quote and the repair.

If you are not covered by Insurance then you need to confirm that the Mains Adapter is actually working correctly then if that passes look at the battery and how it connects to the NB and then finally the NB's M'Board. With Lighting Strikes everything connected to the mains tends to be destroyed so the Mains Adapter followed by the NB's M'Board and finally the Battery would be the expected way that damage is present. Being at the end of that chain the Battery is very unlikely to be the problem or the only damage present. If you got a Full Lighting strike the Mains Adapter would be blown and unusable.

Start off with a Multimeter and check the output from the Mains adapter and compare this with the stated output that is printed on the Mains Adapter.


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