Dell Latitude D820 - Keys stopped working

By ap.shampoo ·
A short while ago, my laptop fell flat a few inches, everything worked fine but then a few days later the following keys stopped working, along with the volume up button above the keyboard:


May be virus related? I removed & replaced all keys, nothing. Seems odd it would stop only after a bit... or at all from the height

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Try diagnostic tool

by Dedlbug In reply to Dell Latitude D820 - Keys ...

Dell includes a diagnostic utility on a hidden partition. Turn on the Laptop, and press F12 at boot. Select Utility Partition or Diagnostics. Run the Custom Test and select the Keyboard. See if the keys works in the diagnostic utility. If they don't, somting might be broken or loose.

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As well as the above you should try using an external Keyboard

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Latitude D820 - Keys ...

And perform the test also off that. Make sure that you get different results if the Built In Keyboard failed the test.

If you want to repeat the test use a Live Linux and Boot off the CD then open a Word Processor and test the Keyboard again. If the keyboard fails this test on both the built in an external the problem is the IO interface on the M'Board which is faulty.


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I tried...

by ap.shampoo In reply to As well as the above you ...

I tried to use the F12 test, and the keys wouldn't work still. I want to get an external keyboard, but I only have a place to put it if it's a USB one (they make those, right? I'm going dunce being away from university for so long) and the one that's here... well it needs the ol'standard plug. I have the computer under warrenty.. I'd just rather not send it out. Are there people locally who can replace a keyboard?

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Two things worthy of consideration...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I tried...

1. The computer is still under warranty: depending on the type of cover you have the transport of the unit will be fairly speedy. Telephone call to Dell, you get a repair number, contact a courier and give the repair number, they collect, some days later - they deliver a repaired unit. Little hassle - maximum return.
Part of your initial payment for this unit went towards the guarantee/warranty, so you might as well get your full money's worth.

2. Regarding the 'old vs usb' connector: most external usb keyboards come with an adapter that converts the usb plug into the 'old' plug, so all you need is the reverse of that - an 'old socket to usb plug' adaptor. Electronics components outlets should carry them in stock.

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Change a New Dell laptop keyboard

by qingyan2007 In reply to Dell Latitude D820 - Keys ...

i think your laptop keyboard are broken, try not change a new one, easy and fast!

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