Dell Latitute D600 won't turn on

By mcallist ·
Haven't used this computer for several months and when I push the button to turn it on the lights light up for several seconds but the screen doesn't light up and no sounds are made. When I plug it in the battery charge light does not stay on but will flash periodically (every ten seconds or so) or not at all. I have plugged it in and unplugged it; I have taken out the battery and put it back in. I have stuck a paper clip in that hole above the cap lock light. I have used two different power cords (both work in my other dell). I would really appreciate any recommendations? Thank you. Renae.

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Was the battery attached during the storage period?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Dell Latitute D600 won't ...

If so, that is probably the likely cause of your problem.

If you are going to put a laptop in 'storage' for an extended period of time you are always advised to remove the battery pack prior to putting it away.

This is because laptop batteries will leak charge while unused but remaining connected.

Your current problem (if you'll pardon the pun) is that when you connect the laptop to the AC mains power outlet the charging sequence starts up. HOWEVER, there is literally ZERO charge in the battery due to it all having leaked away during storage.

I advise that you connect the mains lead and leave the laptop alone, SWITCHED OFF, for at least a couple of hours.

You have to allow the battery charge-state to return to above 5-10% (the point at which it would shut down) before attempting to switch it on.

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Have one myself

by Tig2 In reply to Dell Latitute D600 won't ...

And am using it now, in fact.

Plug it in and leave it plugged in for a day. Before you do that, take a clean pencil eraser and clean the contacts. You can also use an extremely fine sand paper to do this- I use 600 grit wet/dry and put an adhesive film on the back. Then I punch out holes with a standard paper punch. I store these in a bag and just adhere to the bottom of any pen or pencil.

Post back after leaving the silly thing to charge. Do give it the 24 hours. If you are still getting nowhere with it, we can try a few other things.

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by chadwick.owens In reply to Dell Latitute D600 won't ...

Sounds to me it may be a bad system board?

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Things to try ?

by ggmore In reply to solution

Try re-seating memory and power up laptop with no battery (power adapter only)
This will at least see if laptop actually powers up and then you may have to purchase another battery.

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Things to Try!

by netwerkss In reply to Things to try ?

just call dell (make sure that the laptop has warranty, if you are unsure go to the dell website)and they'll help you, you will probably re-do the troubleshooting steps that you are currently doing if not more. who knows they may be able to send you replacement part(s).

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memory reseat

by mrochon1 In reply to Things to try ?

the idea of reseating the memory worked

the system booted up as normal and is working fine even though i have 5 screws left over

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