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    Dell Lattitude D800 Wont Turn On


    by sherman.crittenden ·

    After shutting down my D800 with no previous troubles I tried to turn it on and it will not. It has power the Light flashes a few times and it shuts down.

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      by sherman.crittenden ·

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      Battery Exhausted? Power Supply?

      by alpha-male ·

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      I encountered it on a system the other day. Apparently the system was no longer charging properly due to a fault in the AC Adapter. It was plugged in – should have been charged but exhibited the exact symptoms you described.

      Can you test with another charged and known good battery?

      If that is not the case, I would evaluate the power supply on the laptop.

      Good luck, hope this helps.

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      Mine too

      by lasvegas8910362 ·

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      If you have lights you should be okay Mine is dead, but when the dell inspiron worked accidently set to hibernation or standby real annoying when it does this I dont remember setting this up but it will if it is set in windows xp to hibernation after 1. you turn it on or 2. after 30 minutes or 3. after I download stuff or and or and other options same with standby it will do what you click it to do. If the lights are on probably in standby or hibernation. I would try to load a cd in the dvd difficult easy solution not broken if its this.

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      What’s the color of the power light?

      by wanttocancel ·

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      Is it amber or green? How many times does it flashes before the system shuts down? I can use this to see what the problem might be ’cause I do warranty repair for Dell.

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