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    Dell LCD Problems


    by sjryan1 ·

    The LCD on my Dell laptop does not have any illuminance. The laptop works fine when connected to an external monitor, so I know it’s not the video card. If I view the LCD in bright light I can faintly see outlines of the desktop. This points to a backlight problem. My question is, do I need to buy a whole new LCD? Or may this be a problem with the inverter? How can I tell?

    Any other relevant info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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      by choppit ·

      In reply to Dell LCD Problems

      Three things to check;

      Most laptops have a switch to turn off the backlight when the lid is closed – check that it’s not open circuit and the lever that activates it is not broken.

      Check for dry joints and broken cabling on the inverter PCB (usually housed near the hinges of the screen)

      Check for excessive blackening or broken nodes on the FL tube.

      You may be able to source any of these parts from a computer breakers.

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      by otl ·

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      Try function + Monitor key (IBM it is F7) May be your PC defaults to a plugged in monitor.

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      by g.brown ·

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      Sounds like it may just be the backlight, or the switch to tell the backlight that the laptop screen is shut. Generally the backlights are cheap and fairly easy to replace.

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