Dell LCD screen is VERY dim and hard to see

By scott.ringer ·
My dell LCD wnet dark on me. I have replaced the inverter Board and that did not fix it. Is there anything else I can do, or do I simply need to buy a new LCD display?


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It could either the video card or motherboard or lcd screen

by wanttocancel In reply to Dell LCD screen is VERY d ...

Some Dell models have a video card where the LCD plugs into while others plug directly in to the mobo. You should do a little research on Dell's website to see which option your laptop has. If it's a video card then maybe it's bad. If the LCD plugs directly into the mobo then you will most likely need another mobo.

You can also try swapping out the lcd screen to see if that helps. If you have a warranty left on the computer I would call Dell.

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Have you checked the Back Light?

by OH Smeg In reply to Dell LCD screen is VERY d ...

When these go off the screen gets darker till the back light stops working all together and then if you shine a light onto the Screen you can see the Image.

If it is the Back Light you have to be extremely careful that you Do Not break this light as it contains Mercury and is highly toxic. Just in case you should work in a well ventilated area and if the Back Light breaks leave the room for at least 10 minutes and then wearing rubber Gloves wipe all the surfaces of the system and any other exposed surfaces to pick up any Mercury that has settled. Mercury Poisoning is extremely nasty and once you get it in you there is no way to get it out again as it settles in the fat cells and stays in your body for the remainder of your life.


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