Dell MD3000 hosed

By axekick ·
Hey All,

I in my infinite wisdom nuked the access virtual disk on my Dell MD3000. So I no longer have any in-band way of administering the thing (my penance for not RTFM before I started to play). Unfortunately, that was also my only way of administering it since I never set up any out-of-band connections over the network. Luckily it was brand new so there's no data to worry about losing.

I've gotten in via the console cable, but nothing listed in netHelp or the various other *Help categories seems to help me get an IP address assigned to the box itself so I might have a prayer of getting storagemanager to communicate with it again.
Anybody know how to drive in the console since the smcli commands only work if you actually have a connection to the box? Or am I totally hosed and have to call in the big dogs at Dell?

I was really hoping to find a "reset to factory default" option in there, but I sure can't find one.

Thanks in advance!

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Wow, that looks complicated

by seanferd In reply to Dell MD3000 hosed

I have no idea what the console app/OS is - I've seen too many different references (Navcli? Windows or Unix console?)

Closest thing I saw to something helpful (at a guess) was this:

"I managed to figure out the IP address of the raid controllers by connecting a laptop with a network sniffer. When I try telneting to this IP, I get a VXworks login, but I have no idea of the username/password to try.If point the storage manager to the IP, I get a message about system in degraded state or similar, and I'm not able to see any information (all storage manager tabs are blank).

If I power on the unit with the serial cable/password reset cable attached, this is the output at startup..."

I'm sure not everything applies here, but maybe there is a hint of the way in.

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