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By wayneray ·
My computer keeps going blank and the Dell emblem comes up and then it returns to normal

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Have you called DELL for Technical Support yet?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Dell Monitor

If it is still under waranty, that should be your first call.

If it is not still under waranty, you'll need to provide us with a much more detailed explanation of what is happening. Is the MONITOR turning off then on again, or is the computer rebooting? Include details such as the Operating System, what you mean by "going blank" or "normal", what you are running when this happens. When did this start happening. What happened just before it started happening. Anything else that you can tell us, such as can you hear the fans running?

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by AruJammer In reply to Dell Monitor

Is the graffic card with DVI?

I used to get this problem, with DeLL computers.

This happens when u first install a DeLL computer with some other Monitor (even if it's the same model).
After long time at the phone with DeLL support and trying different options.

The only solution was to reinstall windows, with DeLL CD's

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More information please.

by Bizzo In reply to Dell Monitor

What do you mean by "blank"?
How long is the machine on for before it goes "blank"?
Does it reboot, or does the desktop just come back when you move the mouse or something?

From the information you've given, it could be the screensaver? :)

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