dell optiplex doesent boot

By coldlikeice ·
i'm working on a dell optiplex gx240 which recently had a hard drive failure how ever i was attempting to format the disk when there was a power interuption and the system did not get past the dell screen when restarted followed by beeps when attempting to press keys on the key board please explain whats the problem and what should i do i already ordered ram up grade and a 120 gig hard drive acording to comments about max capacity for this computer on this site .

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Can you get into any post settings at all?

Can you get into (if there is one) the bios?
For reassurance take out the power cable, wait 5 minutes then re-attach the power cable and re-boot/power-up. Next buy a UPS (universal power supply) so this does not happen again.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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dell optiplex doesent boot (reply)

by coldlikeice In reply to Can you get into any post ...

well that was one of my concerns, there was a bios before. whould such activity affect the bios(is it possible)? and if so what steps do i take to reinstall the bios ?
aiso, i was trying to access the bios when there were a series of beeps caused by pressing the keys. the advice given so far has been a big help


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You said in your post about some "beeps",

Please re-start the machine(if possible) and post the beeps it gives out (i am not joking), making sure that which are short beeps and long beeps and how many. I might be able to get to root of your problem through these.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Well, to begin with, you need to reformat that drive

by robo_dev In reply to dell optiplex doesent boo ...

I would also run the drive manufacturers diags on the that drive to make sure it's not toast.

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