Dell Optiplex GX110

By sahilshaa ·
Hi All:

I have a Dell Optiplex GX110 PC. I am facing some critical problem, probelm is that when I install windows xp it's work for just 2 or 3 days and after these days win xp has been currepted and its not boot on normal mode but boot in safe mode. When I install windows 2000 after copying file and pc start it's give me blue screen error that "if problem presist remove Newly installed hardware/Software or refresh bios memory and then restart" but after restart problem presist and I can not refresh Bios memory. How can I fix this problem Please Help.

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.


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It sounds like your cd that you use

by Jesus_C In reply to Dell Optiplex GX110

is xp sp1.Do you have sp2.If you dont,attain a copy of it and install after you install the main system.Make sure you computer is off the network.Windows xp sp1 is suseptable to virus's and trojans.

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Test all the hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell Optiplex GX110

You can use the makers Disc Testing Tools to check out the HDD's are not faulty or you can use the Ultimate Boot CD available here


Or for less that a couple of Dollars US you can buy a copy from here


And save the time and inconvenience in both downloading the file and converting from an ISO Image to a usable form.

Change the Power Supply with a Known good one and then reinstall the OS and an Anti Virus Program to prevent infections and update it before performing any live updates from M$.

If you don't have an AV Product you can try this one which is available free to home users


You can also try installing Spy Ware Scanners onto the system as well to hunt down and destroy any Spy Ware Infections two of the available ones are available from here



It is best to run the Spy Ware Utilities in Safe Mode so you can remove any infections but make sure that they are updated first so that they can destroy all the infections that you have picked up along the way. Just be careful with Spy Bot S&amp as it is capable of crippling some of your used programs so look carefully at what it picks up and if you see anything that you are using untick it things like Windows Defender and some On Line Banking Programs are the most likely culprits though some Internet Installed Software can also be picked up along the way.

Most often however when you have problems with installs that don't last long it points to a HDD failure occurring as the drive slowly fails. But if you are not employing any Protection from Virus or Spy Ware you can expect about 5 minutes of Web Browsing before you get hit with an infection so you really need to stay on top of these threats.


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