Dell Optiplex GX240 hard drive(s)

By oregondude ·
I currently use a Dell Optiplex GX240 I bought used off of eBay last year for $100. It's running XP Pro, 2.0 GHZ Pentium 4 processor, 768MB RAM, and a 40GB hard drive. My files take up roughly 15-20GB of space on the hard drive which makes it run really slow considering there's less than 8GB left on the hard drive. I plan on getting my new HP dv5t notebook in the mail in about a month. But until then, I need to use my Dell. I have a 10.5 year old HP 6630 desktop that had a 40GB hard drive put in the second hard drive slot a few years ago, but it's never used. Would it be possible to move the 40GB hard drive in this HP desktop into my Dell as a second hard drive used for files? I don't know anything about different types of hard drives and any help is greatly appreciated. I'm new to the forum as well. Thanks!

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It all depends on if there is room inside the case

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell Optiplex GX240 hard ...

To mount another HDD.

If there is all that should be required is to bolt the HDD into the case after first setting the Jumper to Slave or CS Cable Select and then you need to plug in the Primary IDE Lead and a Power Lead.

The Slave Drive should be connected to the Middle connector on the IDE Lead with the Master HDD connected to the End Connector and you may require a Power Splitter Cable if the PS doesn't have sufficient Power Plugs available.

After you have the HDD installed open Device Manager and right click on the new HDD which has never been used and follow the steps to format it. This may involve preparing it then formatting it or just Formating it. After this is complete you will have access to the HDD and you will need to move your Data Files to it and probably the Page File as well.

You could also Compress the current HDD which may give you some more space and help the system out here. All that you need to do to compress the HDD is to open My Computer right click on the C Drive and select Proprieties and then add a tick to the Compress Box on the left bottom of that Box.


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Still a few questions...

by oregondude In reply to It all depends on if ther ...

So I took the back off of this HP and am going to take this Dell apart in a minute just make sure it'll fit. There's enough space in the case that I know it will. There are cables attaced to the newer of the 2 hard drives in the HP. Do I need to take those out and attach them into my Dell or does my Dell already have those cables? It's only had one hard drive before so I'd assume not. And just to verify, the first 2 paragraphs you wrote made no sense to me at all. So do I connect the cables from this new hard drive into my Dell and there are slots for a second hard drive in my Dell? Thanks!

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All that should be required is the HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Still a few questions...

You shouldn't need any Cables unless you only have one of the Wide 40 way Cables in your Dell that connects the HDD and Optical Drive to the M'Board.

If that is the case plug one of the IDE Leads from the HP into the Dell's M'Board on the unused Socket it may have a Black Plug on the M'Board and just plug this lead into the HDD.

You may however need to get what is called a Power Splitter which allows one Power Plug to be split into 2 or more Leads so you can plug in the second HDD.

The IDE Leads have 3 connectors on them. Generally speaking the Colored one plugs into the M'Board and there are then 2 black ones. The One on the end should go to the First HDD and the one in the Middle goes to the one you are adding.

You may be required to change a Jumper this looks like a piece of Plastic that goes over 2 pins there are 6 pins between where the Data Lead and Power Leads plug in to the HDD. If you look on the sticker on the drive there should be a Legend showing you how to set the Jumper. There are generally 3 Options Master, CS, Cable Select or Slave. It is just a matter of moving this Jumper to the necessary pins as shown on the Sticker on the HDD.


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by oregondude In reply to All that should be requir ...

Well, it didn't work. I'm just going to use this other HP dv4000 my family doesn't use (which I'm on now) until I get my new dv5t. The Optiplex didn't have any of the things needed to add a hard drive once I took it apart and looked at it. A disappointment, but a relief to know how much better my HP dv5t will be when it comes in the mail in about a month!

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Never mind!

by oregondude In reply to Bummer...

I knew this couldn't be right. There's lots of space in the casing of this thing and it doesn't sound logical. I decided to save desk space after I put it back together by putting it sideways behind my desk while still keeping all ports easy to access. I was recently given a Photoshop disc I wanted to install and the disc drive didn't work. I opened up the computer to reattach the cables where I found an extra set for another hard drive. It required me to remove the floppy drive (but who uses those anymore!) and now the speed of the computer is MUCH faster and I have double the hard drive space. I'm now using it as a server and will continue to use Remote Desktop once I get my new MacBook (yeah, I changed my mind). I didn't even have to reformat it, so all of my really old files from my old HP desktop are now on my Dell!

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