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    Dell Optiplex reliability?


    by mmouse101 ·

    Greetings All,
    I know that the Optiplexes are a buisness machine and are supose to be a stable platform, but how much of that is true. I support 75 pcs, 12 being Optiplexes that are only a year old. And three of those pcs we had three major hard drive crashes in a years time, and one power supply fan. 60 of the 75 pcs are Dimensions ranging form 1 week old to over three years old, and the only problem we had was cdrom go bad. We are at a point where within the next year I will be replacing about 30 pcs.

    I would like any feed back has far as a comparison of reliabilty between the optiplexes and dimensions. Or any problems that others had. Currently with the systems that I am looking at are the GX110 and the Dimension 4100, the pricing difference is roughly $250.00 being the 4100 a little higher.

    Thanks for any info.

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      Depends on the Job required..

      by rocko da pimp ·

      In reply to Dell Optiplex reliability?

      I work for GE Global Exchange Service. I’m the sites PC Technician. Here i’m responsible for 135 Desk top PC’s, 95% are Dell Optiplex GX1 Machines. 450mhz-550mhz Intel Chip, 20gig HD (Maxtor), With 128megs of Ram, 8meg Vid (On board), 16bit Sound (On Board), 3com Nic 10/100(On Board). We’ve had these PC’s now for a Year and a half and I’ve changed 4 HD and 2 CDROM’s. That is a good track record if you ask me. The type of work we do is Telephone line analisys. Which means the clerks will have about 5 programs running at any given time. The contract we got with Dell is all parts warrenteed, with over night shipping on replacement parts.

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      by kenarm ·

      In reply to Dell Optiplex reliability?

      We use HP Brio, and Dell Optiplex GX110. I have personally found the Optiplexes to be very reiable. We have approx 50 of them 1 1/2 years to 1 month old. Other than a quirk that prevented them from shutting down using Windows 98, we have had no problems with them. I think we replaced one hard drive during this time. We have about 30 Brios, that are 1 1/2 to 3 years old, which had lots of problems, until we upgraded to windows 2000.

      We are still happy with gx110 and are still purchasingthem.

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        Hey Kenarm…

        by rocko da pimp ·

        In reply to Reliability

        With windows 2000, I’ve been tasked to place win2k on all 135 machines that I have, Right now I’m testing one with all the software that we use, now let me paint the picture of our segmented side is GTE where the clerks cannot see outside a specific intranet. The programs they use are NOCV, AAIS, Netscape, VT320, Excell, Access, and Word. Now the Office programs I have no problems with, but the others due to “Profiles” and “Permissions” will not come up, can you give me a simple solution so that I can finish this systems test? I’ve already tried giving exclusive permissions like “power users”, but still the programs come up with errors.

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