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Dell or HP

By cmartin_39 ·
Hi All
I got a question
I got a Dell LT2000 already in place working for the backups, but we need a second unit for disaster recovery.
My question is stay with DELL or add a HP storage works MSL4048 LTO5?

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Well personally

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell or HP

I would stick with what I already have to avoid possible issues in incompatible Hardware/Software Combinations and reduce the need to carry Extra Spares.

It's much better to have a Standard Hardware Configuration across the entire LAN as it makes the TOC lower in all respects. Of course if you can afford to have units down for weeks at a time while you wait for something to arrive Hardware Standardization isn't much of an issue, but if you need long Up Times then it's better to have as much standardization as possible.

However no matter what else make sure that your DR Plan is well Documented and actually works as you want it to. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to drop everything and rescue clients from a nonworking DR Situation which looks great on paper but simply doesn't work or they are forced into a position where it can not work by outside circumstances like Fire or Flood.

Just my 2 cents worth though.


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by karan1070 In reply to Dell or HP

Hi cmartin_39@..
I would say that you should stick with Dell only.

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Dell or HP

by mdesico In reply to Dell or HP

Hello cmartin_39
My name is Matt DeSico and I am an Account Manager for the California area. I stumbled upon your statement on whether you should stay with Dell or HP. Park Place is in the business of after warranty hardware maintenance for servers and storage in the data center. We provide a cost effective solution from what the OEM offers at up to a 60% discount. Working in the San Diego area with San Diego Chargers, San Diego Blood Bank, Cubic Corporation just to name a few. With global presence covering AOL, Exxon Mobile, Jacobs Engineering, Georgia Pacific, McKesson Corporation just to name a few.

Also, Park Place has a Hardware team that is able to Upgrade your storage. Park Place is able to do this at a fraction of what you would get from the OEM today. I would be more than happy to introduce you to this person.

Park Place Technologies value to our clients
??? Increase Uptime
??? Ease of doing business- Add/ Remove flexibility
??? United States Call Center- Boston Massachusetts/ Los Angeles, California
??? Asset Management
??? Multi vendor support provider- Dell, HP, IBM, EMC, SUN, HITACHI, NetApp, Cisco and more
??? Take costs out of your operation ??? 50 - 60% less than the OEM

I believe that there is no need to switch to a newer system if the current system is still running fine. We are covering Dell hardware from the time it leaves OEM warranty, to the time you are ready to get rid of the system. There is no end of life with Park Place. This way you can save IT money for newer projects for the future.

I just thought that I would chime in and give my opinion. If you would like to talk more, please call me at 440-9**3133 or email me at

Matt DeSico

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HP service is inferior.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dell or HP

We recently switched from Dell back to HP (not by local choice). I had to place my first call for service this week and was VERY unsatisfied. The tech received the part Tuesday morning and i was told she'd be here around 11:30. Then it was 2:00. Then she called at 4:00 to say it would be the first thing Wednesday morning. I called tech support at 9:30 Wed. to ask where she was; they couldn't tell me but would contact her manager. I called again at 10:30 and was told her manager was on vacation and they still couldn't reach here. At 11:30 they still couldn't give me an on-site time or even a call from someone who might know. At 12:30 they called to say she'd be there around 1:30. She arrived at 2:00 with some excuse about her cell phone.

I don't care about her phone; that's between her and HP and isn't my problem. They either can't hire people who have the proper tools or won't provide the tools to them, don't have support structures in place when managers are unavailable, and expect you to call for status updates instead of keeping you properly informed.

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HP Service

by mdesico In reply to HP service is inferior.

I can relate to waht you are talking about. I have alot of clients that have had the same problem that you are getting from HP. Here at Park Place we will make sure that are Engineer is onsite with the correct part in hand within the 4 hours of the call. This is not you placing a call and then waiting 4 hours to hear somthing, this is the engineer coming on site to resolve the problem. I also noticed that calling oversee can be a problem. Your not always getting someone who can speak clear english, or it could take a long period of time to get the correct problem resolved. Here at Park Place we have our Global calling center in Boston MA, with a redundent in Los Angeles CA. We have a the proper resources to direct you right from the gate to ether a engineer or our own Level 3 hired right from the OEMS.
Let me know if there is any way that I can help you out. You can give me a call at 440-9**-3133 or email me at Park Place is in the business of server and storage after warranty support with a cost effective and flexible solution towards the OEM.


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I used to be anti Dell, but....

by magic8ball In reply to Dell or HP

All that changed about 3 years ago. A large client I support is a Dell shop. About 20 servers and 160 workstations. I have had zero issues getting parts under warranty and wish I could say the same about HP. Using the enterprise chat support is waaaaay better than calling it in due to getting US based support. To echo Palmettos comments a little I have never had a Dell tech that was swapping out parts under warranty not show when they were supposed to or at least call me to reschedule if it was getting late in the day they were supposed to be out. Also as Col said it keeps your standardization the same.

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