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Dell out to Destroy Small Businesses

By john37074 ·
I have been selling computers for about 3 years now. Many of the newer ones I sold were refurbished from Dell. It was the only way to compete with Wal-Mart and Best Buy.
All of a sudden I quit getting tax free status, and then I was told I had to become a Partner and join this partner channel to resell for Dell and keep my tax free status.
Come to find out, by joining this Channel, I agree not to sell on the home user level and only to small business.
Dell will no longer allow me to sell on the retail level. Only big companies like Wal-Mart or Best Buy can sell to home users.
I make a living servicing the home user and I have now been cut off from being able to resell to home users.
Dell is forcing small businesses out of business and catering to big companies
You would think, in an economy like we are in now, Dell would welcome the extra sales.

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Same thing happened to us with Husqvarna

by Slayer_ In reply to Dell out to Destroy Small ...

Husqvarna used to be dealer only, but they started getting big box stores to sell it, and when people saw it there, suddenly Husqvarna went from expensive quality item to cheap crap. So they ran their dealers out of business AND had all the box stores drop their product because it doesn't sell.


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Quit whining.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dell out to Destroy Small ...

Dell can't revoke your tax-free status; that's determined by the taxing authorities where you do business. They issue and revoke tax-exempt license numbers, not Dell.

Dell isn't in business to help you; Dell (and every other company in America) is in business to help itself. It exists to maximize its profits, not yours.

Dell has the right to select its retailers and is under no obligation to enter a business agreement with you or anyone else.

Neither Dell not anyone else owes you a way to compete with the big box dealers.

I wasn't aware Dell has a program to sell refurbished equipment to individual dealers. I thought they only sold refurbs, scratch-n-dent, etc. on their web site, direct to the consumer.

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