Dell PE6650 "Drive Fail"

By coryleuck ·
I got a 6650 machine in today that seems to be giving more problems then usual.

I simply try and evaluate if the machines are working or if there junk and can be tossed.

The front display since my first start-up of this machine has been orange with this message "drive fail" YET there are NO DRIVES present in the machine and I CLEARED the raid card configuration so the machine knows that it was 0 drives.

But this problem continues even after I did a BIOS update from A14 to A17. Didn't think this would fix the problem but I am unsure of what part of the machines controls the output of the front display and if it needed to have a firmware update to fix this problem?

Thanks all!

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Three guesses.

by seanferd In reply to Dell PE6650 "Drive Fail"

This BIOS always responds to a lack of any drive with "Drive Fail (which would be kind of weird), or the drive controller is bad, or CMOS really hasn't been cleared somehow.

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by coryleuck In reply to Three guesses.

Yea I checked to see if adding drives would make this error go away but it did not. I set up the raid controller up for the new drive and wiped the old configuration and even if the machine boots into an OS it still reports back "drive fail" and then I will also sometimes get a error "rac temp".

BTW This is not the first time I have seen BOTH of theys exact errors. Got called in the middle of night to reboot a server with theys exact errors and I ended up changing the raid controller [thought it was going bad as u suggested] and the RAC card. This did clear the drive fail error but the "rac temp" error returned a day later. This makes me believe its a firmware issue.

Will check back if I can get any of the firmwares to fix this. Have tried updating the firmware on the RAC card with no luck of the floppy working.

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