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Dell poweredge 2500 startup problem

By rboyer ·
I am not an IT professional but am trying to get a small private school set up with a network.
I have a Dell poweredge 2500 which I set up with server 2003, 2 drives mirrored (operating system etc) and the rest striped.
When I originally started working with the server it wouldn't boot, I scraped the old thermal compound (it had been sitting for several years and was dry) and put new compound on before setting up server 2003, it worked great for awhile, but is once again not booting. It has the same problem it did. It starts the boot process and gets to the line <Two 1266 MHz Processors, Processor Bus: 133 MHz, L2 cache: 512> and then everything locks up. Please give me some advice on what to try to get this up and running.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Dell poweredge 2500 start ...

Have not delt will Dell servers before but make sure that all BIOS's and firmwares are up to date. Can you get into the BIOS and monitor the system temps? This also could be a RAM failure. If the sytem has more that one stick in it, try taking out a stick at a time and see what happens. If the problem is solved when a stick is removed, it may be bad RAM or a bad slot on the MB. Good Luck!!

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by pierrejamme In reply to Dell poweredge 2500 start ...

I purchased two of these when they came out for NetWare 5.1 install. It was quite sometime ago, so am not certain that it meets requirements for Windows 2003 you might check that out. Windows 2000 server or Netware 6.5 would be fine if BIOS and Firmware are current.I would agree with previous poster.
You didn't mention hard drive types are they SCSI on a Raid controller? Firmware and Drivers for that are critical also (Perc 2 is currently at version 2.80 for this server). You can find the latest BIOS (A07) and Drivers at:


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by larryhyman In reply to Dell poweredge 2500 start ...

contact dell, even if you have to pay for the call, it might be worth every penny if it saves your *** !!!

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by Mictlantecuttli In reply to Dell poweredge 2500 start ...


I have very extensive experience with Dell servers. Can you please tell me where you get to in the POST? Does it discover the PowerEdge expandable RAID controller? Is there a message about logical disks? Are you given and F1 error? Also, what is the service tag?



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same problem with DELL PowerEdge 2400

by ahmadhumayun In reply to Dell poweredge 2500 start ...

Im having the same problem described by Bob. It just stucks and doesnt do anything after displaying the line <Two 667 MHz processors, Processor Bus 133 MHz, L2 cache: 256KB Advanced>. Any help highly appreciated.


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by beth blakley@... In reply to Dell poweredge 2500 start ...

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