Dell PowerVault 725N RAID Controller Problem

By meribiacity ·
Hello All,

I am having a problem with my Raid controller. When I boot up into my bios raid control panel, everything looks good. I have a 4 disk RAID0 array. The statues on all physical drives is OK.

The problem is whenever I try to install any operating system (Linux or Windows), the install can never find any of the drives. When I boot POST, it says it can init 1 Logical drive (the array), however when I go into the BIOS, all my IDE channels say "NOT DETECTED".

Anyone know what is going on? What on earth am I doing wrong? Thanks everyone!!

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You will need...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Dell PowerVault 725N RAI ...

You will need the setup disk for the RAID controller and press F6 during the setup process (it will tell you when, it may take a few tries to get it right I have found) to allow Windows to give you the option to load the correct drivers for the RAID array.

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Boot-time loadable driver

by jdclyde In reply to Dell PowerVault 725N RAI ...

You need to have the driver for the Raid controller.

It will be a different driver, based on your OS.

I just had this problem recently. I was loading SuSE SLES 10, so I called support and they got me the driver I needed.


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Real late on this - sorry,

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Boot-time loadable driver

But the PowerVault 725n is a NAS device that comes with "Windows for Appliances" (A W2k variant) installed on it, stock. It isn't a PowerEdge server and doesn't work quite the same.

It also has the CERC, ATA/100 raid controller, typically, and 4 IDE ATA drives - so it is a different beast than a PERC controller based system. The RAID configuration is software based, using the Dell PowerVault RAID utility. I don't think there is anything you can do with this Raid controller at the BIOS level.

I see that they have some Linux options on Dell support for this product - which is long ago EOLed - so maybe you can get it running under a Linux.

If you can't find the original "Resource CD", which contains the W2k image, things might be pretty difficult. Dell Spare Parts may still have this - but it isn't free, and my guess is the CD will cost as much as the NAS is worth.

There may be other configurations of the 425n that I am unfamiliar with, so I'd verify what I said here against your own machine. For example, I suppose it is possible that you have a Perc controller and SCSI drives - which would probably make things a lot less difficult.

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