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    Dell Precision 390 and Windows 7


    by sfbruc ·

    My 390 came pre-installed with Vista. I want to install Win7. It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to install. Almost 1/2 a day. Then when it finally installs, it locks up on every click of the mouse. I click on the windows logo button and it will just freeze for about 5 or 6 mins and then respond.

    Had Dell replace MB and power supply. Tried moving RAM around. Still doing it.

    Ran express diag from the cd and everything passed. Hard drive sounded like a motorcycle switching gears when the test ran. Dell rep didn’t seem bothered by it since it passed the test.

    Dell says Win 7 has never been installed on a 390. I did check the MS Win 7 compatible systems on Dell website and it was on the list. This is one bad@ss machine, and it can’t handle Win7? I’m baffled.

    Any ideas or suggestions or am I out of luck here?

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      by sfbruc ·

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      by sfbruc ·

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      Turns out it was a bad hard drive, even though Dell diags said it was fine.
      Yanked one from another machine, installed in 390, installed Win 7 in about 10 mins flat.

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        Just in time for the weekend.

        by charliespencer ·

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        I usually get reliable results from Dell’s HD diagnostics. What caused you to focus on that component?

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