Dell Precision 530 OS install HELP!

By Tlittle88 ·
Hey there,
I am currently working on a dell precision workstation at the moment and I have been replace allot of the parts (motherboard, RAM, CPU and heatsink).

After replacing I finally got the thing to boot up but it didn't have an operating system so I have been trying to install one for a while now but I can't seem to boot from CD.

I have also tried ghosting a hard driver with an image of generic XP and it blue screens. I have tried booting it from floppy disk (NT 4 server) but when it asks for the CD it doesn't pick it up.

I have tried different IDE cables for the CD drive and three different drives. I have tried booting it in both OS install mode and without and get the same problem.

Anyone able to help with this?


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by balge In reply to Dell Precision 530 OS ins ...

does it actually boot disks at all, you won't be able to install a disk image on to new hardware without lots of need an install disk for your OS, NT floppies are to boot if you want XP you need to get an XP install disk
have you tried a live boot CD, e.g. UBCD?

is good.
let me know how you go

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First of all

by tintoman In reply to Dell Precision 530 OS ins ...

You will need to boot the machine to the BIOS settings and make sure that A) your CD drive is detected ther and B) that the settings are configured for the machine to boot from that drive first.
If your drive is not detected this means one of a few things - most commonly that the jumper settings are incorrect on the IDE drives that you have, this being a Dell you MUST set each drive jumper to "Cable Select" os "CS"
Then try it again.
Also if your motherboard is SATA capable it could be that your bios settings are configured for SATA only and the PATA channels are disabled
Finally it is worth noting that you can NOT boot from an image that was taken from a different pc, this is not only a breach of licensing but it wont work anyway because windows installations are hardware dependant
Hope that helps

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by Tlittle88 In reply to Dell Precision 530 OS ins ...

I believe i have solved the problem i think it was a dead Cmos battery.
I got a new one to replace it and it started to boot Window NT 4.

Thanks for your help guys


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