Dell Precision 690 BSoD upon locking PC

By ITgirli ·
Dell Precision 690 running XP Pro. This doesn't happen all the time, but seems to occur when I'm on the Internet. When I go to CTRL + ALT + DEL or flag L to lock my machine, I get a quick blue screen and it crashes. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it to stop crashing after it has the first time. I've done a little research and most point to RAID configuration in the BIOS as the problem, but I have checked that and it's fine. My company's IT department is full of fail and I'm no longer doing IT myself, but I would love to fine a solution so I can get some actual work done. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Do you have a BSOD error code?

by wanttocancel In reply to Dell Precision 690 BSoD u ...

Either the text or the number code (ex. 0000000x0) as that can help us out better in figuring out your situation.

But from reading your post it sounds like there could be an issue with a driver. I would make sure that you don't have a faulty driver installed. Also, you can check out to make sure that there isn't an issue with power states (Standby, Hibernate, etc.) with your computer as that can cause BSODs too.

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BSoD codes

by ITgirli In reply to Do you have a BSOD error ...

No, I haven't been able to get a code for it as it comes up on my screen and then goes black in a matter of seconds. I also get this when I don't lock it and it locks itself after the time out. I've checked drivers, but can't find anything amiss. My computer is not the only one doing this. Many of us get it frequently (more than once a week, some more than once a day). It really seems to have something to do with having the Internet up as that is what everyone says they have found to be the common theme.

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Try this in order to get the Error Code on the BSOD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to BSoD codes

Start > right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced [TAB] > Settings [TAB] in 'Startup and Recovery' > untick 'Automatically Restart'. Click OK, then APPLY, then OK.

When you next get the BSOD, it should remain on-screen indefinitely allowing you time to copy it for posting in your next entry in this thread.

We would prefer both the written error message plus the first set of 8 numbers. :)

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by ITgirli In reply to Try this in order to get ...

My Apply button has been disabled by our wonderful IT department here. I've been having this issue since July and have been sending tickets to the helpdesk every month. This places fails. I'll try to get a number at least before the machine restarts next time. IT is finally coming to "fix" it today. I say that, but they think that installing a new harddrive will fix the issue. If more people are having the issue, do they think that all the harddrives are bad? Wouldn't they want to get a better look at the actual problem rather than making up crappy solutions not based on the actual problem and thus wasting my time. But I get paid either way so I guess I should just shut up.

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Then all onus lies firmly with the IT department ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to disabled

I would have thought that if the problem has been running for as long as you say, they should have disabled the auto-restart quite some time ago, in order for them themselves to be aware of the probable causes.

Sounds a bit like using a wrecking ball to crack a peanut.

Sorry but I can't see any other way. If the sys admins have disabled this route, any resultant loss of productivity sits squarely on their own shoulders.

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by ITgirli In reply to Then all onus lies firmly ...

I'd just really like to hand them the solution. Let them know that there is a way to fix it and they need to start actually helping fix things instead of not providing support and causing loss of manhours.

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HEY! I know that dude!

by jdclyde In reply to Dell Precision 690 BSoD u ...

B-) Well, dude-ette!

How ya doing? Long time.

What is the SP version you are on?

Do you have admin rights?

How much RAM does your system have?

Have you cleared your temp folder?

What shows up in the Event Viewer?

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by ITgirli In reply to HEY! I know that dude!

I'm alive. Got married. Gone back to engineering.

How are you and the boys?

No. I'm no longer IT. The IT here is useless and losing people left and right.
I'm not finding anything in Event Viewer.

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