DELL _SATA, install windows XP 'urgent'

By Justdream ·
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp, please

I have a big problem and I must travel to work abroad with my new laptop while I have a big problem in my new laptop so please help....

I prefer to use windows XP professional rather than vista....so I decided to buy windows with DOS system as all new and advanced laptops are using vista

anyway, when I tried to install XP on my new laptop,
once I get the window of Welcome to setup.........To set up windows xp, press Enter

and press Enter

I got the following message:

Setup cannot find the temporary installation files, the hard drive on which setup placed temporary files is not currently available to windows XP. you may need a manufacture-supplied device driver, or you may need to run setup again and select a drive that is compatible with windows XP for the temporary installation files. See your windows XP documentation for more information.

On x86-based computers, floppy disks generated by setup for use with non-CD installations are not suitable for installing from CD

Setup cannot continue. to quit press F3

Hint: I'm trying to install windows from a source on my Hard disk and I access my hard disk using portable windows installed on CD

My new laptop is DELL Studio 15 with SATA Hard disk........also hint that I changed SATA Mode Selection from AHCI to IDE

Please help. your fast response will be highly appreciated.....................Please

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by ---TK--- In reply to DELL _SATA, install windo ...

I have never seen that error, Do you have a legit XP Pro CD?

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by Justdream In reply to hm....

what do you mean by legit XP pro CD?

if you mean legal 'original', so the answer is no

but I installed this version before at another laptop (HP compaq)............

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what version of vista do you currently have?

by ---TK--- In reply to ?
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You will need the "Dell" SATA driver disk.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to DELL _SATA, install windo ...

When you load on Windows and then see "Press F6 for third party drivers", you will need the SATA drivers disk to input. The disk will load on the SATA drivers for you to continue loading on Windows onto a SATA harddrive.
So, do you have the DELL sata drivers with you?.
If not you should be able to download them from the DELL website.
Hope all goes well.

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Third party

by Justdream In reply to You will need the "Dell" ...

I'm searching now for SATA driver......but suppose that I have one !!!!! how could I install it through DOS,in other words what do you mean by Third Party drivers?

Please explain

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Try this

by jakepp In reply to Third party

Download all the XP drivers for your laptop, which is going to take some time because Dell only offers the drivers for Vista but you can find the XP drivers, I know they are out there because I did a XP installation for this system.

Download drivers, download nLite and burn the image of XP, incorporate the drivers with nLite.

Later you will need to mod the video drivers. For that you will need this:

By the way contact Dell and see if they can send you a CD with Windows XP, explain to them that you don't use Vista. If they say no, ask another Dell representative until you get a yes. Use their LiveChat, its much quicker.

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Change the Boot order

by IC-IT In reply to DELL _SATA, install windo ...

Your DOS install does not have the drivers for the CD.
Boot from the CD itself and you will be good to go.

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by Justdream In reply to Change the Boot order

I got confused,

I have SATA driver on my hard disk (laptop)....how could I use it to properly install windows XP

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by jakepp In reply to Confused

First you need to download/install nLite, now read the guide http://www.nliteos.com/guide/part1.html

If you have the WinXP source, and drivers for your new laptop you should be set, just follow those instructions in the nLite website.

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I get ths problem regularly..

by The IT Guru In reply to Instructions

My organisation buys a lot of dell laptops, which all come with vista, and I downgrade (upgrade..?) to XP.
I have to change the ACHI setting in the BIOS to ATA (you mentioned IDE), and the XP install works no problems.

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