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Dell Servers or HP Servers for Microsoft SBS 2003?

By briwlls ·
I've got my Microsoft Small Business Specialist qualification and I've got a line of customers ready to jump into SBS 2003.

I run a Dell PowerEdge with SBS 2003 in my home/office, and I have a client running an HP Proliant ML350, both are working fine.

Dell does not partner well and doesn't offer me any streamlined tech support, although I have been recommending their desktops to my business clients for the last 7 years.

HP has a partner program, but I'm not sure if that is just for financial gain for those systems you purchase of if they offer me preferred back-end support when using HP servers that I recommend to my clients.

What are your thoughts on Dell servers versus HP servers.

Please note, I know there will be those who say build-it or buy from some custom shope etc., but I want my client to have a good solid product from a reputable name i.e. Dell or HP. This way if I exit the business or the client terminates the relationship for whatever reason the next company or tech can't say, 'oh the last guy gave you a bad system.'

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Vote for Dell

by Tink! In reply to Dell Servers or HP Server ...

I like them both, but prefer Dell as far as reliability in the workplace.

We are currently using a Dell PowerEdge with SBS 2003. We used to have an HP Netserver. To compare the two would be comparing apples with oranges because the HP was archaic as far as computer standards go.

But in my experiences, Dell has proven powerful and reliable in the workplace. HP appears to handle the same workload, but not necessarily as reliably or quickly.

HP to me is more of a home computer (I do have two at home), and Dell is the business brand.

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Dell Vote for Small Shops

by BFilmFan In reply to Vote for Dell

Dell servers will work fine for most small shops.

HP is for large enterprise environments.

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i gotcha

by Tink! In reply to Dell Vote for Small Shops

I've never worked in a large enterprise so I've never actually touched a huge workhorse pc. So I'm sure you're right. :)

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by Navy Moose In reply to Dell Vote for Small Shops

My datacenter has several hundred Dell Power Edge servers. I work for a large multinational company.

Personally, I think Dell tech support is fantastic. Dell equipment is reliable as ****. I've got a six year old Dell server, which is going to be retired soon, that has never been powered down.

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Dell vs HP

by mtosoc In reply to Dell Servers or HP Server ...


Maybe I can be of assistance. I'm a reseller and actually partner with both Dell and HP. Dell only partners well if you can bring them 7-8 figures in revenue. I work especially well with consultants all over the U.S. who recommend Dell but can't get the kind of pricing that we can offer. If you're interested, let me know. I'm involved in your type of scenario every day and we did 12 million with Dell last year! I can be reached at 847-**2-1321 and can give you all the details on the type of pricing we get as well as showing you how my other partners profit with our relationship with Dell.


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I agree, but also

by cmeredith In reply to Dell vs HP

We actually do only about a mid 5 figure a year business with Dell and have a great relationship. We normally do get a type of "special tech support" as we bypass tier1 support and go straight to people who actually help or just dispatches the parts we say we need for warranty.

Dell works in both the SMB segment as well as the enterprise. I helped rollout an AD network that had over 300 Dell PowerEdges at 176 locations and 178 domains and over 600,000 users about 3 years ago and less than 1% have had any issues.

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I work with both

I have worked with both Dell and HP servers across the product line from top end servers in large enterprises to small business servers.

Putting the reseller, money making issues aside, I have found both to be adaquate but in critical situations where my customer has crotical uptie needs, I'll take an HP every time. HP service (not talking support here, I'm talking service - fix it NOW). I have replaced flakey, troublesome installations (some of these were more implementation rather than hardware issues) with HP Proliant (the old Compaq line - not those horrible HP Netservers) servers and made the customer VERY happy.

However, I have and will continue to work with both.

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Work with Both

by X-MarCap In reply to I work with both

The power consumption of the Dell brand is far more power intensive. The local power company reccomends Dell servers as space heaters. ;-) The Dell servers are power hungry...

There is a great deal of difference in the server quality for the Proliant line is the best out there.

The HP tech support is much better.

For anything serious Buy HP.

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by Grimshiire In reply to Dell Servers or HP Server ...

Dell's customer service is fine for home use, not for corporate use. Even though I use Dell for my consulting business, at my real job, I would use nothing but HP. Their CS has always been superior & when it comes down to it, that's all that matters: How a company stands behind their products.

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HP - my friend - HP

by Kron In reply to Dell Servers or HP Server ...

I have my own consulting company now for over 5 years and worked in IT for over 7 - HP tops in business customer and tech support. I have clients that have HP and Dell units and while Dell machines are good nothing beats excellent support. That?s what counts, especially with your clients; they want the problem solved not prolonged. HP in some cases has gone beyond tech support to make sure the problem was either fixed or resolved some how ? they have even followed up by calling me to get updated ? Dell has never done that - HP hands down.

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