Dell studio xps 1640 won't boot from a bootable disk?

By tobiah ·
Hi all,
My hard drive recently died on my laptop, so I took it to a shop, they put in a new hard drive and put vista on it (the laptop originally came with vista, I got an upgrade to 7 from my university). When I try to boot from the dvd drive (with the HD disabled) it says no operating system found. I know the dvd drive works, since a movie played fine and I know the dvd isn't the problem, since it works fine on my brother's computer. I have tried removing and replacing both the HD and the dvd drive. and have spent hours looking through forums, with none of the fixes making any progress.

any and all help is appreciated, thanks

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Well provided that you have the Optical Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell studio xps 1640 won' ...

First in the Boot Order in BIOS you need to look at the Disc itself you are attempting to use.

If it is a Recorded Disc you'll need to open Windows itself and then try to see if you can access the Disc from within Windows. If you can not then the options are that the Data Face is Dirty/Corrupted, the Disc is Incompatible with your Optical Drive or the Drive itself is failing and the LED that Generates the Laser Beams has fallen below the Threshold to generate a intensive enough beam to actually read this Disc.

If you leave DVD's in the drive that are not being used this causes the LED to be left running all the time that there is a Disc in the drive and it looses intensity.

If it is a recorded Disc it may have a Dye Type which is Incompatible with your Specific Drive and you'll need to records the Disc again on a different Blank Brand to the one that you used to make this Disc.

If it is a Manufactured Disc look at the Data Side and make sure that there is no damage close to the center or that there are no fingerprints or other dirt on the data side. If there is anything causing the Disc to be dirty clean it.

If there is Physical Damage to the Disc itself you need to replace the Disc.

If it is a Recorded Disc and it has not been stored properly it's quite possible that it may work in a different drive but not yours. This is very common on Recorded Disc's that have been exposed to Sunlight.

The Dye changes significantly and can render Recorded Disc's unusable in some Optical Drives very quickly and it always comes back to the Dye Lot used on that Blank Stock and the intensity of the LED in the Optical Drive.

Remember that DVD Drives have 2 LED's in them to generate the laser Beams for different Disc Types one for DVD's and One for CD's so it's quite possible and very common that a DVD Drive will read one type of Disc but not the other as the LED that generates the Laser for that Disc type has been run down and has fallen below the threshold to work reliably if at all.


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Reponse To Answer

by tobiah In reply to Well provided that you ha ...

I could see the disk fine in my computer; all the files/programs etc. that should be there were. also a movie played fine in the same disk drive, so it can read dvd's no problem
the disk itself is fine, as it worked fine on my brother's PC.

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Well if you can see the Disc when your computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell studio xps 1640 won' ...

Is running Windows and you have used this Disc previously successfully, then the only option is that the Boot Order is not correct.

You need to enter the BIOS and change the Boot Order to Optical Drive, HDD and then save the changes as you exit the BIOS. if you do not do this the system will continue to try to boot from the HDD no matter what you do.


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Reponse To Answer

by tobiah In reply to Well if you can see the D ...

changing the boot order was the first thing i did.

any other possibilities?

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Boot from Optical Drive

by pcrx_greg In reply to Dell studio xps 1640 won' ...

Usually when you boot from a bootable disk, the PC stops for a few seconds for you to hit a key to boot from the optical drive. Does this prompt appear? If so, do you hit the enter key to start the boot or do you just let it go on by itself to boot from the HDD?

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Reponse To Answer

by tobiah In reply to Boot from Optical Drive

no prompt appears, with both the windows 7 install disk and another bootable disk I made yesterday, the dvd drive spins up, then it just tries to boot from the HDD (yes i'm sure I have the boot order set properly). I also tried disabling the HDD in the bios boot order, when I try to boot from a disc after doing this I get a no operating system found error, rather than the usual prompt

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RE:- any other possibilities?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell studio xps 1640 won' ...

The only other possibility is that the Disc isn't Bootable.

There is still a difference between being able to see the Disc's Contents and it being Bootable. Have you used this Disc previously to do the Migration from Vista to 7?

As I've never done a Vista to 7 Migration/Upgrade, are you sure it has to be done from outside of Windows or can it be run from within Windows.

At The Monument The Windows Upgrade Page is down so I can not see what is required to do a Vista - 7 Upgrade.


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Reponse To Answer

by tobiah In reply to RE:- [i]any other possibi ...

you can upgrade within vista from certain types to certain types of 7 (i.e. vista home premium to 7 home premium) but my university only offers the professional version of 7, so to go from vista home premium to 7 professional, I need to do a clean install.

I used the same disc to put 7 on this computer with the old HDD (the one that died). I made another bootable disc yesterday to see if I could use that but I ran into the same problems I was having with the 7 disk. this would make me think that it is probably the disk drive that is the issue, but it played a dvd movie without any issues (I tried this to test the drive after the first time I couldn't boot from the 7 disk) and I dont think a faulty drive would play a movie.

I am going to my campus computer help office after classes today, maybe they will have some insights

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