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Dell vs Apple

By Frogwillie2001 ·
My wife just purchase a Dell laptop for her work. She works at a elem. school.
When she try to use her LT at work she was told that it won't work with their system setup. Because it is all Apple software and hardware. It has windows 7 on it and not much else. Just the basic's.
What can she do to use it for & at work?
Or is it true that she can't use it because her is a Dell and all their stuff is Apple related?
She mention something about the connections looking like a little house or something like that. I haven't been in there to look at what she is talking about but see it soon.
Figure I ask first to see if I needed to buy something to help "make it so".

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Somewhat complicated issue

by robo_dev In reply to Dell vs Apple

(by the way, your question should be posted in the 'questions' section' for best results)

Four basic services that may or may not work, all of which would require the assitance and cooperation of their IT people:

1) Basic wired or wireless LAN connectivity: should be no problem
2) Basic file sharing/printing on the network

3) Email: If they have the ability to use a web browser for email, then the PC should be able to use that with no assitance required.

But If they use a dedicated email client, that too can work, but would require their IT people to setup. It all depends what email server/service they use. This can get really tricky if they use an email system with a calendaring and contacts system....

There also may be the issue if someone sends an email attachment created with a specific MAC word processor program, she would then have to download, convert to Word, and then save as (hopefully) the correct format for the others.

4) Native shared applications written for the mac OS: won't work

As an end user, she absolutely needs both the help and support of their IT people before even attempting to connect to their network. If their IT folks allow PCs on the network and are willing to help, then at least three of the four should work OK.

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Somewhat complicated issue

by Frogwillie2001 In reply to Somewhat complicated issu ...

Thanks for the info. I'll look into it. I'm thinking that the wireless might be doable.
But she wants to use it mostly for her CLC's which is their mailing/message center.
Again thank you for the help & info.

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Depends on what she wants to do with it on the school network.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Dell vs Apple

As Frogwillie said, you'll need the school IT people to set up the network access and school email, and she should be able to access them regardless of if they're Apple or not. The little house thing she mentioned is most likely the Ethernet cable connection. She won't be able to use any shared programs from the school network, but you can download and install Libre Office, which should allow her to see and read most documents.

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Depends on

by Frogwillie2001 In reply to Depends on what she wants ...

I'll look into this Libre office. She only needs it to look at her CLC's their online message board.
Thanks for the info.

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Too late to take it back?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dell vs Apple

In hindsight, she should have asked the school IT staff what system she should by in order to connect to the school's network and resources. Is it too late to send it back, or take it back for a trade-in?

Inclidentally, the problem isn't so much that she bought a Dell as that she bought a computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system. She would be having the same problems with an HP, Sony, Lenovo, Acer, or other system that runs Windows.

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Too late

by Frogwillie2001 In reply to Too late to take it back?

Yes it's too late to take it back. Yes, part of why I don't like Apple if it isn't their stuff you can't connect to things. Going to check into a wireless connection with their IT people.
Thanks for the feed back.

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Another peril of the 'Bring Your Own Device' movement. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Too late

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