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    Dell vs. HP Servers?


    by webwolf ·

    I?ve been asked to help start up a small web and e-mail hosting company to support small businesses and non-profits. I?ll need to purchase several servers (e-mail, web, database, name servers etc.) to do this. In the past, I?ve traditionally used Dell PowerEdge servers; however recently I?ve begun hearing grumbling about potential quality, reliability and support issues with Dell. I?d appreciate hearing from IT professionals who are deploying, managing and supporting Servers what their opinion is between Dell and HP servers.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you care to provide

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      by tbragsda ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Well… I guess its a boxers or briefs sort of question. I have been working with Compaq sooo long that I just know them, and what to expect. I have not seen any problems with the Compaq/HP changes. The new DLs sporting the HP logo are just as nice as the old ones, and now have this pretty blue light in the front. Push it, and a blue LED on the back lights. Shows you what server your messing with.

      So, on a gut level, I go for Compaq/HP. Rolled out Dell workstations in one company I worked for, and had mixed results.

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        That’s one vote for HP… any others?

        by webwolf ·

        In reply to Compaq

        Thanks for the input; I really appreciate it!

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        Blue light…

        by shogoc ·

        In reply to Compaq

        Dell has had the same functionality (blue light on front/back that flashes to indicate which server you want to work on in the rack) for a few years now.

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          by tbragsda ·

          In reply to Blue light…

          OK then. Dell, HP. Your choice. If they both have the little blue light…

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        Use both… they have their specific uses

        by richard j. sullivan – florida ·

        In reply to Compaq

        I have used both Compaq/HP and Dell servers for some time now and find that I can put in both depending on what the function is. For example, I like putting in the Compaq/HP on the backend for database, e-mail servers as I feel they are more reliable.. just my own personal view here.

        I like to put the Dells on the front end as web servers, e-mail front ends, etc. as they are less expensive and I can purchase more of them for the same monies.

        So for me the solution is simple, go with your gut and if you feel they are equally reliable (and you get great service when there is a problem), then use the least expensive solution.

        I have had some issues with Dell Tech support lately as they want to “debate” an issue prior to providing the solution that you knew you needed to begin with… maybe there is a new culture going on there, but it really annoying. We have a solid technical staff here and when they say something is broken, its most likely broken and we don’t need 3 hours of debate on a 4 hour response time contract.

        So technical / post sales service is really becoming part of the equation whereas price was a key issue not long ago… there is not that much of a difference anymore.

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          You pays your money and takes your pick

          by techmail ·

          In reply to Use both… they have their specific uses

          I have used all kinds of servers in the past 25 years and found a few things.
          1. The technology is always similar, the execution is different. SCSI is SCSI but can you find a new replacement controller in 24 hous?
          2. Mixing is a sign of disaster. I try to keep enough spare parts to build a server, just in case I have to. If you have 10+ servers your on the break/fix watch all the time. So I try to be in the positio of fixing STAT!
          3. It’s not the purchase cost that will kill your budget, its the service calls. If you can’t fix it yourself the service calls will kill you because whatever breaks is not covered by the warranty.
          4. Dell or HP/Compaq or IBM it all depends on your skills and your relationship with the VAR who sold it to you. Remember Dell needs to sell boxes, not fix them. HP/Compaq or IBM wants to sell you boxes and a service contract. The white box dealer just wants to sell atthe best price and get out of town.

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        IBM eServer iSeries – i5 520

        by it_optimiser ·

        In reply to Compaq

        The i5 Server is for serious IT departments that want to consolidate and implement a business server that is stable and proven. It is powered by the IBM POWER5 64-bit processor. Check out just a few other features:

        Simultaneous OS’s: Windows, Linux, i5/OS, AIX SL.
        Integrated xSeries: Integrated xSeries directly inside the i5 server. Share all disks, tapes, DVD’s.
        Desaster recovery: Create 1 server offsite for backup stratigies. Remember the Sarban-Oxley rules are coming.
        Includes: POP3, SMTC, DHCP, Apache server…

        I have only named some of the capabilties…

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        Compaq by all means

        by dduncan4 ·

        In reply to Compaq

        I have used both servers in the past. Compaq/HP has won my vote by bending over backwards to help with any problems. (Out of warrany server with a bad card 16 hours later a new DAT drive.) Have run 1 Compaq server for 6 Years without replacing the server. That server lives in my garage still doing it’s thing ( no heating no AC ). I am waiting to see how long it will keep running. (3 Years without a reboot, not lazy just waiting for it to die 🙂 running 4.11). By the way I don’t use Microsoft on my servers unless I have to. Novell is a long way from death, they make a great product that can beat MS into the ground performance wise and feature wise. Novell requires less hardware and management time than MS. On my newer servers they run the latest patches from Novell. I use 6.5 now and the patches do not require me to load the previous patches to work.

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          16 hours is a long time. Some Dell Contracts offer a 4 hour response time

          by janation ·

          In reply to Compaq by all means

          Dell offers a quality product that they do stand behind.

          You may look into paying a little more of a Gold or Silver support level contracts. Gold support contract actually have a Technical Account Manager assigned to your contract to support in the various technical issues that you may come across.

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        Hear hear!

        by jp5472 ·

        In reply to Compaq

        Over 18 years, have had excellent results with Compaq/HP servers and workstations. High end engineering apps put these machines through their paces. Dell has always been the afterthought…and actually, I have had Dell equipment that I’ve had absolutely lousy warranty response on. Had one tech from Dell come in to change a Zip drive only to see afterwards since the dust was not disturbed, no fingerprints, etc that he hadn’t even gone into the box….faked it, had the order signed and split…

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      Negotiating with Dell

      by rexworld ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I don’t know if you’re buying servers in onesies/twosies or bulk. But if it’s the latter, if you’re working with an account exec then you might want to use the quality grumblings you’ve heard as leverage. If you can point the account exec to the online postings you’ve seen, maybe they can cut you a deal on the Dell machines.

      Doesn’t hurt to ask.

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        A Great Idea!

        by webwolf ·

        In reply to Negotiating with Dell

        Thanks! I’ll try it.

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        by hereinoz ·

        In reply to Negotiating with Dell

        If the grumblings are valid, why would you want them at any price.


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          by health_admin ·

          In reply to Grumblings?

          Why would he want them at any price? Depends what he’s using them for. Several of the services he mentioned (email, web, & DNS) have redundancy built in at the protocol level. Two smaller, less reliable servers running the same service are more reliable than just about any single server doing the same . . . whoever builds it.

          My suggestion? Go with low end Dell for those boxes, and buy something higher end (with support contract to match) for the DB server.

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      Personal preference

      by crazycanuck42 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Since my old ocmpany purchased DELL servers, I’ve been using them wherever I go. For me, Dell servers just seem to run that much better then anyone else I’ve dealt with. If you pay the extra $250 for PREMIER SUPPORT it is worth it. You will never ever have to argue with some freshman phone support person again. If you are making a large purchase, you can usually get them to throw the support in. Dell’s 4 hour response time has never failed me (even when called at 2am). The cost is also a great bonus. For me it’s Dell and unless they really screw up, I will not look at anyone else for Servers and switches. (Desktops are another story).

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        I have both also

        by ltheodoru ·

        In reply to Personal preference

        Reliability and performance seem about the same, but when I purchase a new server I am purchasing Compaqs because I can use Insight Manager. Insight Manager gives much more detail and is easier to use than Dell OpenManage Server Console.

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          Insight Manager?

          by jfarbe ·

          In reply to I have both also

          I hate Insight Manager….HP’s soluition to a problem is Upgrade. The program is always so slow to come up.
          I briefly used Dell’s OpenManage and didn’t have one third the problems with Insight Manager.

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        Dude – get a DELL!

        by ez58 ·

        In reply to Personal preference

        I have had nothing but Dells after miserable expereinces with Gateway and Compaq. A while back my new Dell Latitude’s screen wen tout – I called Dell tech support and the next morning there was a guy in my office with a new screen. He sat right there and replaced the faulty parts and within an hour it was fixed. To me, that said it all. Who else does that?? Over that past year we have rolled out around 30 new Dell Optiplex GX270’s and have not a single issue that required any kind of support.
        My experience with HP/Compaq machines and thier support are miserable. I have 4 year old Compaq’s failing right and left. Try to get some help form these guys – last time I tried I went through about 4 or 5 different phone numbers before I finally got to a guy who couldn’t help me at all.
        My 2 Cents.

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          I agree

          by mshultz ·

          In reply to Dude – get a DELL!

          I agree. My company purchased a bunch compaqs to replace most of the desktops and servers here about 4 years ago. Less than one year ago, every compaq started failing with mysterious hardware problems like they were manufactured not to last past 3 years. Every one had a different problem and of coarse, the warranties were expired. So, we had to replace ALL of the compaqs which wasn’t cheap.

          Since starting with dell they have had great support and were very happy to replace parts almost instantly. However, recently they’ve been growing a lot and their support department is becomming strained and a little slow. My last two calls to dell took about 15 minutes initial wait time. I believe they offer other paid support options.

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          I agree also

          by steve.baiter+spmkll ·

          In reply to Dude – get a DELL!

          the last Compaq server I bought came out of the box with a bad motherboard. Then it sat in the rack 5 months while I argued daily with Compaq tech support about the problem. Finally the legal dept had to get involved before Compaq finally sent someone out to replace the motherboard. It worked fine after that, but it cut 5 months off the warranted life of the server – which bites for TCO.
          Since then I buy Dell. OpenManage is bad compared to Insight Manager, but I am more concerned with the response time to problems. Dell always has the part here the next day and resolves the problem during the first phone call.

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        Premier Support

        by shogoc ·

        In reply to Personal preference

        Another comment for Dell’s premier support – we purchased their premier support for all our production servers in our data center. I know of an occasion where we had a SCSI drive fail and we had a new one on site in less than 2 hours. It came via FedEx which leads me to believe that they have pre-staged parts at certain locations in order to have a time response that quick. I’ve never been let down by Dell, we also had quite a few Compaq servers – wasn’t really impressed with the features and service we were getting for the cost, especially when compared to Dell.

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        Dell is great

        by beljay3 ·

        In reply to Personal preference

        We have a mix of Dell and HP/Compaq and Dell wins out. We have had problems with both the HP and Compaq equipment whereas the Dell’s have been extremely reliable. Also, the Dell support is definitely well worth the money.

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        I second that….Dell Rocks

        by is girl ·

        In reply to Personal preference

        I think Dell is the deal…if you get a Silver or Gold Support contract. The service is great as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never had a quality issue and think the prices are the best in the market.

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      I have both

      by mauri_1848 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have both, PowerEdge and Proliant servers.

      I never have any problem with anyone, Dell support is very good, but it is more expensive than HP.

      Quality are almost the same, you should take a decision based only on price and support.

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      we build our own from scratch

      by cg it ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We use to use Dell. We use to use HP. We build our own from scratch now.

      Reason: #1. We built 2 test servers to find out if we could build, maintain, service the hardware ourselves and whether the “build our own” performed as well. In all test cases, our “build our own” servers performed better, we less apt to go down, down time if they did was minimal compared to waiting for Dell or HP to do something.

      We also went with AMD instead of Intel based processors. That had a dramtic effect on overall server reliability. We found AMD processor based servers with socket 462 boards to be far more stable than Intel processor P4 based.

      The final result was an entire school district ALL schools with servers K through 12 were moved over to build our own.

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        I couldn’t agree more

        by the_biochemist ·

        In reply to we build our own from scratch

        I have allways found the relationships between my company and Dell to be very poor and moved to self build about 3-4 years ago.

        You can build a twin chip AMD server with Gigs of ram, any raid configuration you want and as much hard drive space as you can cram into it for 1/2 – 3/4 of the price of an ‘off the shelf’ model with half the specs.

        give it a go…

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      Devil is in the detail

      by walter-ppk ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have been running a dual network of Dell and Compaq for the last 3 years and I have found that distinguishing between the two normally comes down to the detail surrounding the two approachs.

      DELL servers are simply based on cost – from the flimsy plastics to the cheap build the touch and feel you get is nothing like a Compaq unit. The level of detail put in to a Compaq server is very evident and Insight Manager is much easier to use/get your head round then Dells Open Manage.

      On price and service its a close call but I find HP a lot more flexible.

      On parts and configurations I find Dell’s – it will be there in 7 days and HP’s pre 9am and very different story again [Might just be UK specific that] however all of these are just two different approachs to the same thing – Selling a server.

      What has finally nailed it for us is the uptime – we have approximatley 2.5 times more call outs per Dell box then Compaq. Each call out consumes around 3 times as much time then a Compaq call out and we are talking comparative systems and solutions.

      Ultimately the top-level choice has nothing in it – Dell, Compaq, Fujitsu – you name it they are all servers but if my experiance is anything to go buy – get the Daddy of the pack when you can. It just makes your life easier in the long run and the brand with that might not always be your first choice.

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      Iomega NAS Storage Servers for start-ups

      by paras ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      For e-mail and web, try the new Iomega NAS storage severs, installs in minutes, cool design, huge capacity for storage and file serving…it ROCKS!!! try their website:


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      by wackymac ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Well where I have been working we have 7 dell power edge 2650’s and they have been great servers. We have used dell support and we have had a great response with them anytime we had a problem. Example, we ordered a new 2650 and it came with the mounting plates warped and unusable since it would not sit in our racks. I Made a phone call to dell and we had another complete server on the way with in a few hours. We had the new server the next day and boxed up the old one and back she went. I have worked it Compaq but not on the server side, but as desktops they STINK.

      I think though overall it comes down to the big GREEN and how much you have to spend. I say if you want to get the best deal call up dell get a price quote then call HP and do a quote from them and then bang one off the other and see who will budge with price first.

      Just an idea.

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        Had both now run only Dell

        by michaelpo ·

        In reply to Dell

        My division has run IBM, Compaq and Dell. Now we are exclusively Dell. We have an install base of 670 Servers and over 7000 PCs. Dell support is great. The equipment is great.

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      Go with HP – in my view

      by rolf gitt ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We have an HP/Compaq-only server farm. It has run superbly, for many years with VERY few disk failures, or motherboard, or other component failures. The HP DL380’s are our new standard – with redundant power supplies, ROMs, NICs, fans, etc…and with the built-in array controllers, you can set up RAID 1+0 or RAID5 arrays easily. They’re working superbly.
      I have heard from co-workers that Dell’s web site occasionally mis-lables patches – i.e. the IT staff download a server patch, and apply it, and it blue-screens the server – then they call Dell, and Dell says that the posted patch was for a DIFFERENT product, and Dell then apologizes for the inconvenience! That’s not good, in my view.
      I also know IT staff who run IBM hardware, and have absolutely NOTHING nice to say about the IBM hard disks – some have said they have replaced EVERY SINGLE hard disk in their server famrs over time – so there seems to be an on-going quality control issue with IBM hard disk sub-systems, based on cooments from other IT pros.
      HP is fairly pricey, but you can see the quality when you open up one of their servers – all tool-less access and servicing. The quality IS in the detail.

    • #2705668

      Show Me The Money!

      by edward lawrence ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I agree that it comes down to cost. I have both Dell and HP/Compaq servers and both are excellent choices. However, when it comes down to cost, Dell has been lower each time.

    • #2705660

      Dell for me…

      by kevinkfred ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I inherited a mix of IBM E-servers, Dell and HP/Compaq servers when I took my current network manager position. In short, give me Dell anyday. Performance, support, maintainability, DELL.

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      Go with HP

      by holyoak ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We ahve both in our environment and we much prefer the HPs. Smart Array controllers are adefinite advantage. Management is better with Systems Insight Manager, providing online dirver, utility and firmware updates and the ability to push them from SIM. Versions are kept up to date automatically and will aply the correct versions for the server being maanged. HP is an innovator, Dell is a follower.

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        Dell vs. HP – Which has better business model?

        by black_eyed_pea ·

        In reply to Go with HP


        Your last comment about HP as an innovator and Dell as a follower is interesting. You are right, but that may not matter a whole lot. In the past, the same thing could be said about Apple and Microsoft. I’m reminded of the made-for-TV movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley.” In the movie, Steve Jobs tells Bill Gates: “We’ve got better stuff. WE’VE GOT BETTER STUFF!” Bill Gates smugly responds: “That doesn’t matter.” For better or worse, ol’ Billy Gates was right. Microsoft has never been an innovator, but they are one of the most successful companies in history.

        Likewise, Dell has a better business model than HP. Their efficiency and marketing has allowed them to steadily steal marketshare and partners from HP. Their business is solid across all product lines. Conversely, HP is nearing it’s fourth straight quarter of losses and they admit to problems in their enterprise servers and storage division. Several high level HP executives have recently been given walking papers. HP probably won’t go away any time soon, but they do need to make some changes. See:

        Standardize on one or the other for the sake of efficiency, but also keep an eye on the health of IT businesses. I’ve been burnt several times by dissapearing hardware and software companies.

        Utlimately what matters to me as a system administrator is: reliability, scalability, and customer support. My bosses usually only care about total cost of ownership. If I we’re starting a shop from scratch and had my choice, I would pick Dell.

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      HP- For me!

      by robert.gray ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I recently purchased two HP DL380 G3 servers to setup a W2003 cluster. The servers were very easy to setup with HP’s Insite Manager. They have been up for about six months without any problems. I also have two Compaq 1850R servers that have been on for over four years without a single problem. They seem to be real work horses!

    • #2705624

      The technical edge

      by nelsonds ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I started in this biz on the the hardware side, so I can offer my perspective in this respect.

      As far as design and construction – no comparison – Compaq/HP takes the lead. Dell servers resembles a modified desktop system, but look inside any Compaq and you will see that this is a server built for service. The system board layout, superior airflow design, access to replaceable components, everything.

      Something else I’ve noticed, all specs being equal, Dell will not perform as well as Compaq. Dell has a tendency to achieve their reliability through essentially “underclocking” the system, whereas the CQ/HP will give you the horsepower you bought with the reliability given through design.

      My 2 cents worth….

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      No question for me!

      by gsg ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Compaq for me. I’ve worked with Dell before, granted this was about 5 years ago, but Compaq seems to give me better service in regards to getting a server or part here quickly. Part of that could be the assistance of our local reseller that we go through.

    • #2705595

      I like HP, but go with what you know!

      by drummerboy! ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We do support for medical offices (usually fairly small networks), and have always gone with Compaq/HP servers. As a previous post stated, the fact that you can get help from a local reseller and not have to deal with corporate is a real asset! Adding drives to the SmartArray controller is a snap!
      Having said that, some of our clients get their hardware from someone else, and I have worked with quite a few Dell PowerEdge servers and have not noticed any issues. If that is what you are familiar with, that may be your best bet.

      Hope this helps!

      • #3327569


        by kong_tianshu ·

        In reply to I like HP, but go with what you know!

        Although I do not have much experience with HP/CPQ and IBM, as an ex-DELL IT personnel, I wanted to share with you a simple fact — DELL China’s US$4B e-business is running on DELL hardware 100%, 24x7x365.

    • #2705554

      *****DELL = SUPPORT & PRICE*******

      by oscarlr ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have a lot of god experiencies with the DELL people, but I?m sorry, I can’t said the same from HP.
      We have a lot of support calls with COMPAQ, after HP bought CPQ, we have more problems, their business is only on sale products, but they dont want to support it.
      With Dell is very different, the service and support is excellent, 2:00 AM, and the could find a replace for failed memory for a PE4400, and changed it in 2 hours, thats service and support

    • #2705471

      Neither, Use IBM

      by al.nelson ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We used Dell for a while but for the past year we are only buying IBM Xseries boxes because of chip kill memory, etc. They have preformed better than expected!!!

    • #2705468

      I would choose Dell

      by jquest21 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Personally I would go with Dell. We have about 3 times the Dell servers to HP servers. However I would say that the problems occuring are about 3 to 1 HP. Also I find that it is far easier to deal with Dell in terms of support. Had one particularly bad experience with HP that still eats at me, though I have to say for the most part HP has been good. Dell has been nothing but great.

    • #2705445

      If money isn’t as important — go with IBM

      by tomsal ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      IBM servers, IMHO, are more reliable than both HP and Dell — but all things IBM are expensive.

      Here at this shop we use Dell Servers exclusively. In 8 years we had 3 complete server crashes (and two of those three were on a single server). Considering the heavy use, I think Dell’s are pretty good. Put it this way I think the servers they make are much better than their pc’s are.

    • #2708082

      Dell and HP reseller

      by tll ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      My company represents both companies within the smb market. I have installed numerous of each. I would recommend in your situation, to install the HP equipment. HP (formely Compaq) Insight Manager offers administrators the ability to monitor hardware remotely throught the use of a proven software platform. This can be a real asset when time is limited in reference to managing equipment on a day to day basis.


    • #2708057

      Dell is not upp to the job

      by lars.hoglin ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      For a small to medium size company one of the most important issues must be the TCO. And if a server breaks down in any way it is absolutely essential that it can be put back into production as soon as possible since the cost otherwise can
      be huge. A serious risk analysis has to be made before the server strategy and procurement is made.
      Since Dell does not have a service organisation with spare parts in stock it rules them out as server supplier.
      If you run a large company you might be able to afford backup solutions but in any other organisation it is absolutely crucial to have a reliable partner that will come to you?re assistance in an emergency situation and Dell is not.
      Go for HP, IBM or any other well known partner that has a reliable service organisation that can help you out when you really need it.

      • #2707988

        Dell Support – SUPERIOR

        by rsmith77 ·

        In reply to Dell is not upp to the job

        Not sure if you have actually dealt with DELL, but your statement “And if a server breaks down in any way it is absolutely essential that it can be put back into production as soon as possible since the cost otherwise can
        be huge…. Since Dell does not have a service organisation with spare parts in stock it rules them out as server supplier.” This statement is not true. Their reliance on their onsite support partners give them the ability to have parts all over the place. The have never failed me with 4 hour response time calls, they have never failed me with home user support providing the parts they needed over-night. I am not sure what you are speaking of when you say that you are not sure of their support. Their support would be a beneficial support factor in any TCO.

        • #2707963

          I have to back rsmith77 on this one…

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to Dell Support – SUPERIOR

          I don’t know where the original poster is coming from, but Dell’s support service is actually extremely good (at least for their servers, I’ve never used them for desktops).

          Our server died once and we had a 4 hour response time on our contract, we had a team of pros here in 1 hour, not 4 and they had all parts in hand and the guys they sent didn’t miss a beat, they knew their stuff well.

          (To give credit where credit is due though, the tech support was outsourced by dell, the actual guys who came in our case were from Unisys).

        • #3348478

          I’ve never had a problem getting Dell parts

          by server queen ·

          In reply to I have to back rsmith77 on this one…

          It can sometimes take a bit of back-and-forth on the phone to get them to actually send out a service tech, but when I’m willing to replace a part myself, they’ll get a part to me within hours. I’m dealing with about 75 Dell PowerEdge servers, and have never had one down waiting for parts for more than 24 hours, whereas I’ve had a couple of my HP servers down waiting for parts for several days.

          Both are usually very prompt about shipping parts.

    • #2708051

      Problems with Dell

      by samh_ ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I prefer the Compaq ones.
      I a rack, you need to do quite a big effort if you want to take a dell server off the rack. And you don’t notice if you’re disconnecting cables at the same time. This is not the case with the Compaq ones.
      Apart from that, the DELL doesn’t seems to fail more that the other ones. It just takes more time to repair/get the right person on the (help)line

    • #2708048

      Dell vs HP Servers

      by nprasad ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Well i agree with the support issue with Dell, apart from this Dell Power Edge server are quite good to do the jobs. When you look at HP (Compaq) servers they are much more reliable than Dell and definitely you can justify the Quality, reliability and support of HP with Dell.


      • #2707938


        by oscarlr ·

        In reply to Dell vs HP Servers

        HP only sales pretty good boxes, with a lot of problems inside.
        And after the sale you never see again this guys, because you are working with a reseller not with a manufacturer.

    • #2708039

      HP/Compaq here – As far as support, they both suck!

      by sczerno ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Dell = cheaper product, much cheaper in some cases. But you get what you pay for.

      I was a Dell shop with PowerEdge 2600s and on down. Now, all HP, even the Racks.

    • #2707997

      Started with HP, switched to Dell

      by swinky ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      My company resells servers as part of our equipment. We originally used HP servers but switched to Dell PowerEdge earlier this year. Overall, pricing and performance was about the same, but initial setup is what made the decision. We would buy a Proliant with RAID 5, extra memory, PS, and fans, and it would all come in separate boxes. So you spent a day assembling the server, configuring the hardware, and installing/updating the OS! A PowerEdge comes ready to use out of the box. Just apply latest OS updates and you’re ready to go. Since I’m the entire IT department, it meant I could roll out Dell servers to the systems people twice as fast as HP. Just something to consider…

    • #2707993

      DELL / What Compaq / HP used to be.

      by rsmith77 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      For 20 years I have worked with many computer vendors, but Compaq and HP were the best, but something happened, even before their incredibly stupid merger. Their support faded into the wind. I have used DELL as well, and there was a time when they were fair in their support methods, but this company has grown into something to be proud of. From Home support to Corporate support DELL treats the customer as their primary concern. This is what makes a company great. Their support has only increased. They took a phone poll with their customers to determine if they were happy with the change in their support methods (ie, moving them overseas), and they found customers were not happy, so they decided to change their support method back to the way it was. Now that is a company listening to its clients. HP/Compaq on the otherhand, they don’t generally bend to anyones wishes, other than their own. If it is not in their interest you will have to make a pretty large purchase for them to come your direction, this is poor company service. This is my opinion.

    • #2707987

      After losing 3 Dells, HP/Compaq Only here

      by netwareguru ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Let’s see… where to start

      1) Dell 2600 arrives and the tape drive installed
      by Dell doesn’t show up on boot… Check the inside
      expecting a loose cable and there’s not even a SCSI cable there!

      2) Lost multiple power supplies
      3) Had 1 that wouldn’t boot, so Dell service comes out… installs a new power supply in a system that has visible burnt traces on the motherboard.
      Dell has now decided it must be lightning and we’ve been charged for board, CPU and 2 power supplies… 1 of which was the one their tech plugged in.

      • #2707984

        Bad Experience

        by rsmith77 ·

        In reply to After losing 3 Dells, HP/Compaq Only here

        Sounds like you have had one bad experience. This is not the norm with DELL, I have never seen that type of issue. I would give them another try. One bad experience is generally not the rule for this great service oriented company.

        • #2721285

          I have heard this more than once

          by cmoon ·

          In reply to Bad Experience

          This is not an isolated experience with Dell. I have heard this multiple times concerning their servers. There desktops and laptops are great, but their server line and service is a different story. Dell is an integrator not an engineering company. That is the difference between the Dell and HP server line.

    • #2707937

      Dell vs. HP Servers

      by burnt ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Last year I did a server consolidation project in my shop and looked at Dell, HP and IBM servers. In the end, I went with Dell. I have had only one issue (Bad Memory chip) with the Dell servers I purchased (7). Dealing with Dell on this project however was a nightmare. It took months to get the project completed and took me over a year to resolve all the licensing issues with the replication software I purchased through Dell. If I had it to do all over again, I would most definetely remain an HP shop.

      • #2722698

        HP vs. Dell (bleck)

        by tgawel ·

        In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers

        I feel for you, I have experienced the same thing several times. That is why we are now an all Proliant shop. We bought several servers (supposedly configured) it took us two months and multitude of calls to Dell to get the servers working. We finally stopped calling Dell and blew out the system and configured it from scratch ourselves and it came up the first time. But the system was always a little problematic (crashed more often than our Proliant servers). HP custom writes their drivers to improve the speed and reliability of their servers.

        • #3323853

          dell servers hav less propriatary parts

          by bsd ·

          In reply to HP vs. Dell (bleck)

          wich meens the hardware will be easer to replacs parts with ones from newegg or tigerdirect

    • #2707924

      My experince with HP… Positive!

      by arch&eng. ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have supported different vendor server hardware over the last 17 years and now I provide engineering solutions for an enterprise level environment that requires 100% availability. I employ HP (Compaq) server product line, it has been my experience that HP by far provides a quality product for mission critical environments and excellent technical support when needed.

    • #2707918

      Have used both Dell & HP

      by loren@lparkhurst ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have used both Dell and HP servers. I started out years ago using nothing but Dell servers; this decision was based primarily on cost with a emphasis on reliability and a long lifespan. Recently, I have started to use HP servers for the same reasons. One of the nice surprises that I had in store for me when I installed my first HP was how easy it was to service them. HP servers are by far better designed from a perspective of how easy it is to build one up or to modify an existing server. On the plus for Dell, their servers came completely assembled and ready to install; where as the HP servers came in a bunch of boxes that I had assemble myself. On the other hand I never spent more than half an hour on the assembly of the HP servers, which is tribute to the wonderful design of the machines. Anyone who has had to dismantle a Dell to do maintenance or replace a subsystem would very much appreciate the design efforts of the HP engineers. Cost wise I have found that HP is VERY competitive with Dell and in my purchasing round beat Dell by a substantial margin. I also like the admin tools that came with the HPs better than those from Dell; though this may be a personal preference type of attitude. Bottom line; I would prefer to have HP servers over those from Dell, but either one will get the job done and keep doing it for a long time.

    • #2721502

      Go with HP

      by tkishel ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Hey, I’ve been working on HP stuff sence the early
      70’s like the M/E/F 1000’s and now manage over 2000 HPUX and Windows servers. There is no better
      hardware/software support and training available.

    • #2721496

      don’t limit yourself

      by b_fearron ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      you have a lot more choices than just hp or dell, the real issue that they both dell and hp need to address is reliability which doesn’t come with a brand name, it comes from actual appliance performance.

      • #2721391

        How competent do you feel?

        by pgjansen ·

        In reply to don’t limit yourself

        I host with self built servers myself. I do it because I do not have to rely on anyone’s support organisation but my own. I have the competence to diagnose and replace anything that might fail on my servers. I save money because self-built is much cheaper and you can get exactly the configuration you want.

    • #2721343

      Gut Feelings and Expertise

      by aaron a baker ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Both are excellent products. I submit that the thing to do here is go with your “Gut” feeling and personal experience.
      If as you say, you’ve worked with Dell and have been satisfied,then disregard “Grumblings and Rumors”. You’ve been at it long enough to know the system and what to anticipate from it. When it doesn’t work properly, you’ll find the answer much faster on a system with which you are familiar. If you know Dell better than HP then I suggest that you stick with it unless it gives you problems. If in the other hand,the converse is true then the same becomes applicable.
      In then end, you’ll still have to rely on a combination of your skills, expertise and gut feelings to solve most issues so go with that which you are more knowledgeable and comfortable.
      It’s bad enough having problems, you don’t need them compounded by the fact that you’re not quite familiar with the new product yet.
      There’s an old saying.
      “If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it”
      I would suggest that this applies here.
      Good luck with your choice and especially with your new Venture.

    • #2721320

      Questions to ask Before Deciding

      by emailjk ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      The decision of which servers to purchase is easily determined with asking a few questions.
      1: What class of servers are you requiring?
      2: Are the servers you are purchasing going to be similar class machinges?
      3: How many servers are you purchasing?

      I can tell you that if you are purchasing all low-mid range systems the Dell is usually cost competetive and they do make decent servers. However, if you are running enterprise class servers for you DB’s and Email while running lower class servers for Web and DNS then you need to look at either a mixed environment of Dell and HP (not recommended) or go to HP. Unfortunately, Dell does not have the experience in the high end Intel server market and their are too many issues to consider them. I have approx. 700 servers that I support and the 54 Dell 4 way zeon with 4GB RAM boxes are only used for test/development because we can not trust them for production. I have a few smaller Dell servers that I have used for infrastructure that I have had few problems with. Keep in mind Dell is a PC company that sells servers (low – mid range servers are still based on PC architecture) and HP servers (formerly Compaq) have been designed as servers only and there was never any collaboration between there PC and Server lines at all.

    • #2721260

      Check out their support

      by softa_larry ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      The best thing you can do is make arrangements to tlk to the Tech Support for each system. I’ve had both and unfortunately I’ve found HP support inferior. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones but I’ve rarely had to call Dell a second time.

      I spent over 3 months trying to get a HP scanner to run on a Compaq machine. Neither HP or Compaq could help. I gave up, purchased, an Epson, and it worked out of the box. Best of all I didn’t have HP Tech Support giving Windows 98 solutions to a XP operating system.

      • #2722236

        Your VAR is key

        by macint2002 ·

        In reply to Check out their support

        This is a little long winded, but hope it helps.

        Contact your VAR account rep and also make the phone call to Dell, HP, and IBM product engineers to outfit the design based on your needs, and most importantly your budget. Whatever services you can get free in this arena make it happen. See what they come up with. Let them help you make the right decisions for their product. Question them. Make them educate you, if necessary. Don’t feel embarrassed. Why is this model a good fit ? Why is this model a good DB server and what about recovery options/solutions. You will always have have the option to scale up or down for your immediate needs. Confrim with them again the design, models, and what you were told it would do. Many times, you will be given a quote without the option part number DOA-1532 which is not included and you wanted that option. Guess what ? That was the Raid Controller. In the end, you will also have the answers as to why you chose a model over another one should you be asked.

        Go with proven box models, regardless of manufacturer and not the latest and greatest. Blade servers are fine for reducing TCO, but, in example HP uses Altiris, as in, there is no CD. Make sure you have the internal support for some decisions for choosing the product. A nice Hitachi SAN to start with. Having the servers booting off the SAN thereby applying money saved to the server choice for better CPU and memory options. Again, internal support.

        Ask your account rep and find out what they are hearing from his own technical people. Which company is having a breakdown in the parts supply chain more ofen than not ? A good rep is reading different industry mags than you and me. Prime example; they delay server delivery because the extra drive you ordered hasn’t come in. What’s up with that ? They don’t stock parts themselves ? Hello !!!

        Your VAR should be able to give you a good feel as to the present climate. Some comments posted are due to poor server prep/ongoing maint cycle. I’ve seen disk drives with firmware mismatches wreak continuing havoc with Raid5. One, I personally can vouch for was changing the IP address in W2K. It bluescreened. The Citrix consultant was in awe after he did it. Funny now not then.

        This is where your VAR is key. Pay the extra $100-150 for server prep, have your OS installed and burnt-in with the drives and memory you are buying. Penalize them, if possible, for what they don’t do (as in firmware checks). Make them do what they say they will do. Do they maintain a sufficient parts inventory to service you immediately ? Do they provide the warranty service ? Push your rep for your business, as in, do you have a complete server availabe if you can’t get the MB replaced in four hours. Find out what extent they are willing to support you, but, do buy the mouse from them even if it is $2.00 more.

        Bottom line: Do your homework. Let Dell, HP, and IBM do some work for you. Use a VAR that is working with and for you. Your VAR should be able to match or even beat any configuration price given by the companies. Ask them what exactly they do for server prep, support, handle parts inventory. This is a business relationship to keep your business running. They want the sale and you want the service. Some may even go as far as keeping a spare drive with your name on it.

        Let’s talk ongoing shipping costs as they relate to uncoordinated purchasing by IT staff. Oh, thats another story.

    • #2722777

      Compaq/HP is the way to go

      by sshingleton ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have been using Compaq servers for the last 10 years and have found them to be very reliable. The support/service that I have received over the years has also been outstanding, whether I was a small customer or a large enterprise customer. I have heard that Dell servers are good machines, but I have found that dealing with Dell’s sales representatives difficult. Dell was not willing to work with me and my current company unless we discussed purchasing several servers at once, as opposed to the 1-2 every quarter that is the way my company typically does things. I believe that the decision will come down to price and level of comfort with the product that is being purchased. For my money, HP (Compaq) servers give me a level of comfort that is not present with Dell.

      • #3305245

        Yeah Way To GO With Compaq\ Hp But I Need Some Help With My Compaq

        by rdnck264 ·

        In reply to Compaq/HP is the way to go

        Yeah Hp\Compaq Are Gr8 Alot Better Than Dell. But I Recently Blew My Compaq Power Supply. Can I Switch The Power Supply Or Will I Fry The Motherboard If I Do? If I Have To Have A Compaq 1 Where Can I Get A Cheap One? Thanks

    • #2722701

      Reply To: Dell vs. HP Servers?

      by tgawel ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I was in field service for over 10 years and I experienced a higher failure rate on Dell servers compared to HP (Compaq Proliant). At my current job we use to have a mix of Dell and HP, but we switched to all HP after having quality and support issues. Now our system failure rate, since switching to Proliant servers is negligible. Dell does produce a good consumer computer with great technical support for level 1 type of problems (consumer problems). I recommend these systems to my friends who are looking for computers. It is a totally different story if you need more that basic technical support or service. Their level 2 support is poor and lacking. As far as getting service it appears to be a hit or miss proposition. Some of my colleagues are reporting good level of field support (most are not), but my recent experience (I do volunteer work) with theses servers and support has been at best bad. I have experience long lead times in getting service and parts.

      • #2722648

        Dell Quality

        by dwayne.sudduth ·

        In reply to Reply To: Dell vs. HP Servers?

        I have been in field service as long as the previous poster. I, too, used to be a stickler for HP/Compaq or IBM servers. However, I have been working for a consulting firm who is a Dell partner, and we have deployed hundreds of Dell servers with no problems. Their Support has been as good as anything I’ve received with HP/Compaq..and better than IBM.

        I would chose Dell..

    • #2721833

      Good Dell story

      by james schroer ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I’v been a server admin for about 5 years now. When I got to this position we were running HP/Compaq servers and SAN. We’ve debated about moving to Dell’s time and time again and almost did untill I hear this one story that my friend had. He is also a server admin and they run Dell’s at there shop they had a motherboard go out on one of his servers. He first had to fight Dell to send him a replacement even with the high end support contract. Finally they did and when he switched it out and sent in the old one in he was then sent a bill for the motherboard. They told them that from the records on the motherboard it was not in right conditions to be covered under warrenty. He never got out of it and had to pay the bill and now is converting to HP/Compaq shop. I will now not even consider Dell for the shop that I’m working at.

    • #2721696

      Proliant Server

      by manthax ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Compaq servers are easy to setup and maintain.
      The Smart start software helps you configure your server with little difficulty. RAID levels and all.
      My experience with HP-Compaq support has been by far much better than Dell support. I am not bashing Dell, I am talking from my own experience with their Tech Support.

      If you are going for an HP-Compaq server, get a Proliant server. My humble advice.

      • #2721647

        Dell or HP or IBM?

        by tmmpolk ·

        In reply to Proliant Server

        My experiences show that HP servers (really Compaq Proliant servers) were very easy to configure with respect to OS installs from scratch as well as RAID configurations and manageability (all with SmartStart, very impressive). Where they fell short was in the hardware set ups. Compaqs never came “fully assembled”, as that was left up to us.
        Concerning the Dells, they came “fully assembled” to specs, which saved time. Installing the OS or configuring the RAID on a Dell was not as intuitive as the Compaq, however, although still simple. Managing the RAID was not as smooth as a Compaq or IBM, either.
        I have been using IBM servers for the past year exclusively and am very impressed with their reliability and manageability. Their ServerManager software is a breeze to use. The one down side is their price, which tends to be rather high.
        Concerning Compaq’s reliability and service, I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. Servers arrive that do not fit in standard APC cabinets, so I have to cut them to fit (and I wasn’t the only admin that has had this problem). Another experience is when I had a hard drive go bad in a RAID 5 configuration. Compaq ships a replacement drive that is smaller than the one being replaced! Upon inquiring as to why they shipped me the smaller drive, they said that the model that it replaced is no longer in production and they couldn’t get me a drive of equal size or slightly bigger. Naturally, my RAID was history, so I had to wipe it and restore from backups (I should have charged them for my time!). That was the last straw with Compaq for me.
        I recently installed a Dell 2650 for a customer. Upon receipt and inspection of the internals (all good IT staff opens up the case and inspects BEFORE turning any server/pc on), I noticed that the cable for the CD-ROM was not connected. To make a long story short (yeh, right), the part was here in an hour and the tech was here with other parts in less than two hours. Very nice.

    • #2721570

      Reply To: Dell vs. HP Servers?

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Dell does not make enterprise class equipment. It is fine for small/midsize enviornments.

      If you want an enterprise class (ISP) operation, then use the right equipment.

    • #2706265

      IMHO: HP Compaq

      by pretselz ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Yeah it’s true what most of the folks here said:
      1. Consider the VAR selling you the product. Do they have good tech support? They’re the first line of (external)support, and will determine your support experience with the brand.

      2. Technology-wise, HP/Compaq is a leader. Dell more or less has simply tried putting together the best technologies it could find from all around.

      Other tips I’d like to give are:
      1. Get extended warranties (3 years) if possible. I KNOW HP-Compaq offers them. Not sure about Dell.

      2. Get an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with your reseller, and have it written down in paper. So that they’re aware that you put a premium on post-sales service, hence give you the service you requre.

      I have several Proliants (yeah they cost much) running for around 2 years now (yes, I got extended 3-yrs warranty so I can sleep better), and so far… no crashes, support was quick (because I demanded it), and I have no problems at all… except for the budget-approval stage (that’s because they cost more). But considering the frequency of downtime (or lack of it) and the cost it brings(or in this case, the savings), I was proven correct in selecting HP-Compaq.

    • #3305521

      Support is good

      by rockaby ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We have some 200 Dell servers and they are good on average. Hardware falure percentage is low. They doe have good service and if there is a problem they will address it the same day with comming out to your site if have to.

    • #3295884

      Dell vs HP Servers

      by it mgmt ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      In my last shop, we were all HP servers, and had few problems. In my current shop we are all Dell, and have had only 1 problem in my 4 years here. Dell continues to provide me with high-quality at a surprisingly low cost. I am continuing to purchase only Dell servers here.

      • #3296774

        Dude, it’s

        by creators-iq ·

        In reply to Dell vs HP Servers

        Hey! I believe Dell has one the best customer support period. I mean from navigating their website for downloads to contacting a support personnel, they are customer oriented and the kind of people i always want to use for my organisation. For the years i’ve been with using Dell servers, i cannot say i had any problems

    • #3295828

      Dell Sucks

      by jrr5 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Stay away from the Dell servers, their quality has gone downhill over the last 30 months. The company I work for used to use them for desktops and servers. We recently switched to IBM and are very happy.

    • #3296887

      HP is better

      by bibone ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      from my personal experience: don’t think. Dell have good desktop PC’s but servers are inferior!
      Go with HP…

      Best wishes,

    • #3296796


      by joeaaa9 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I’m the IT manager of a medium-sized business (200 desktops, 10 servers). As far as I’m concerned, Dell is the only solution for me. I maintain a mix of file, SQL, web, app and name servers in a mixed (Novell & Windows) environment. When I was hired three years ago, I inherited a completely Compaq site. I suffered through the merger and it was a painful experience. I switched to Dell after 1 year and have never regreted the decision. With the exception of just a couple of desktops and 1 Proliant server (soon to be replaced) I now run a 100% Dell shop. I buy the gold support on everything and when they promise 4 hour problem resolution, they mean it. I find Dell’s reliability to equal or better HP’s but Dell’s prices are a full 15 – 20% less. My account executive is very professional and the sales guys are friendly and easy to negotiate with. I’ve even switched my S & A purchasing to Dell.

      Some argue that HP is a clear performance leader, but if they are, the difference is incremental at best. I spend $70 – $100K with them a year and enjoy the relationship. HP will have a very difficult time getting my business back.

      • #3296654

        Enjoy your ride with Dell

        by helowzrd ·

        In reply to Dell…PERIOD!

        I have +1000 workstations and +350 servers and we were a Dell shop. I say we WERE. In the last 3 years, Dell has had to come in and replace 25-1550 motherboards because of known defects, 12-1650 motherboards because of known issues causing the server to catch fire, and the biggy….bad PERC cards (firmware) that has continually damaged 3 separate SQL clusters that our customers use. We will only use HP from now on…and you know why? There products work as advertise.

    • #3295429

      15 years experience talkin here

      by cogtek ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have been supporting these systems for 15 years
      With a Client list exceeding 500 different companies, I have worked on ALL Servers.
      HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM, homemade boxes…

      The guy that suggested the IBM makes me laugh. Great box, but WOW ! What a price !

      When your comparing HP to Dell, your comparing a well-founded support system of developers and Technicians to a group of box movers.
      HP has designed a great line of systems and established a terrific support team for those systems.
      Dell wants to sell a decent product for a decent price and offers a decent support team.

      Hardware reliability is relative. Both companies have problems because both companies use electronic components. DOH. Electronic components either work or they don’t work. I have seen the same level of hardware problems with Dell as I have with HP.
      Probably a little more failures with HP, but thats just because there is a greater number of HP servers that I support.

      The greatest distinction between HP and Dell, comes when you need support.
      HP offers assistance for all HP Certified Resellers. This comes in the form of an 800 number and a quick parts replacement program. A simple call to an HP tech and I can have your part on the way in 10 minutes. (4 hour turnaround with the right Support Contract)
      (The Tech may be in some third world country, but they have the same Technical Bulletin information as the boys in the USA)
      Dell, on the other hand, makes us (even the authorized service engineers) troubleshoot the problem with them for hours, until they are sasified that they can authorize a part shipment.
      (This is usually with a third world representative also)

      So the answer….
      Buy the HP for your powerhouse machines.
      Database, Exchange, File Servers, Backups
      Buy the Dell for simple tasks.
      Web, Mail Gateways, Firewalls, Printing.
      Mix and match and have fun doing it.

      One last note:
      HP Hardware Pricing has become very competitive.
      I can build an HP box cheaper than a comparable Dell solution.
      I say Hardware because the Support Contracts can be expensive.

      Good Luck !

    • #3311018

      Gotta chime in here

      by acumen ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      A little true anecdote which just happened in the last 4 weeks. What’s up with Dell, man?

      Ancient history with Dell in 1996-1999:
      Dell Latitude laptop:
      – Broken flip clip fixed 4 times before they switched it from plastic to metal
      – Broken monitor twice, once on a business trip,
      – Dead drive after 2.5 years, lost all my data, but hey! New bigger drive for my troubles.

      All covered wonderfully by Dell tech support within 24 hours, thankfully we bought the expensive support. Great support. BUY THEIR SUPPORT or you’d be completely screwed if you were in my shoes.

      Problem was, I got 7 visits for their bad design, and probably lost 7 days of no machine. Not good.

      Next story: Trying to buy 2 PowerEdge servers and a desktop from Dell in the past month:

      Week 1: Order $10K servers online, apply for credit, which doesn’t work. Call Dell and do order over phone, they’re excited and assign me to a sales guy who will contact me shortly.
      They call and tell me his name and say he’ll call me soon. I’m pleased with the attention, I figured it’d all be electronic.

      Week 2: Sales guy gets around to sending me an email with his contact information. I’m wondering if they’ve forgotten about me. I call him right away, and it takes 4 attempts to get a call through to voicemail of sales guy. After it hangs up on me twice. I’m wondering how a huge company like Dell could have such a bad phone system that hangs up on people.

      Week 3: Sales guy calls me! I’m excstatic because I wanted these 2 weeks ago and wasn’t smart enough to call around. We do the quote thing, I add a $2500 workstation to the order, he says he’ll send it to me. I talk to their financing person and am apporved for credit.

      Week 4: Monday, hey got the quotes! Whoo hoo! He calls and I say I need to review them. I call him 10 minutes later and and leave a message with two questions and we’re closed.
      Wednesday, I call again.
      Friday, I get a message back at 6PM on Friday (after I’ve left).

      Week 5: Monday I call Dell sales guy and leave a message.
      Tuesday I call Dell guy and their voicemail system refuses to connect me to his voice mailbox. I call later and leave a message. I log a request in their support system saying I want another sales guy who actually will call me back.
      I call HP and get a sales rep right away and a quote within an hour. We’ve been back and forth with the quote and I’m spending a little more (say, $500) for almost identical configurations to Dell.

      Oh, and I’ve been reading every comment on this discussion. Very informative.

      I think I may dump my Dell stock.

      • #3314388

        Sound familiar

        by romang ·

        In reply to Gotta chime in here

        I had a similar experience with Dell & not being able to get them to take our $15k. I usually call & get a quote from the first sales person on the phone. This time I call & out of nowhere they send me to a “designated” sales rep. I’ve been calling this guy for a week just to hear his voice-mail. Today we decided to ditch dell & go with HP. The lady in our purchasing department couldn’t be happier, she’s been waiting to tell them off for over a year. HP is a client of ours, so hopefully we’ll make up for the price difference another way.

        • #3315362

          Ultimately pricing is close enough

          by acumen ·

          In reply to Sound familiar

          I ultimately bought an identical configuration to what Dell was promising, got a 25% discount on the hardware for buying a printer, and they had better lease terms than I got from Dell.

          Best question to ask any sales person, BTW, is, “Is this the best price you can do for me?”

          It took a total of 4 business days to initiate and close a $15K purchase from HP. Dell I’m still waiting to hear back from.

          I contacted Dell’s online support last week and indicated my problems getting a response. I received a reply after about a day and half and they indicated that a sales person would call me, but urged me to call them as well. I decided not to call, and haven’t heard since.

          I’m definitely dumping my Dell stock. Shame.

    • #3293708

      Dude ya gotta getta Dell!!!

      by greg2002 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have read some of the replies, many seem to be against Dell, or at best ambivalent. I don’t know what they have experienced, but I have have nothing but good experience with Dell products and support. I support a section within a large county government agency. Our IT activities are independent of the departments. The department uses various HP/Compaq servers, apparently without much problem. We use Dell products almost exclusively. We have about 100 desktop PCs all but a very few are Dells and 18 servers, all but one are Dell. We have had few problems with the servers, which is intersting because over half were converted from PCs. On the actual servers, which see the heavyest use, What few problems we’ve seen were addressed quickly and competently by Dell support. Same for the desktops, all of the non Dells are older hand-me-downs, we only order Dell PCs/Servers through our VAR. Hope this help to balance all the negative replies.

    • #3293685

      one word…IBM (ok, one acronym)

      by house ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I saw the title of this thread and decided to spit my two cents. The Poweredge servers that you mentioned were in fact pretty popular, I still see some old ones kicking around here and there. The problem with Dell is that they have been consumed by the market and are not on top in the support category anymore. The only thing I can give them is that you will most likely be dealing directly with them – no middle man. Their support still sucks though.

      If you are honestly looking at HP…I don’t know if you remember IBM in the late 80s and early 90s. HP is what IBM used to be when it comes to their proprietary garbage. I don’t know how good HP support is because I don’t even look at their products anymore.

      IBM has THE BEST SUPPORT in the industry right now. You will never have a problem with IBM when it comes to knowledge base, device drivers, utilities, and support regarding some advanced configurations on some higher end servers.

      We’ve recently invested in the IBM Sharks. Whoever reads this next sentence will not believe what I am saying…

      *After the purchase of the Shark, and with pending plans to consolidate a lot of old junk into it, 2 guys came to join in the project. One guy from IBM and one guy from Microsoft. It was funny to see us all working together and chatting it up. Any IT person who just read that will understand how impressive this is.

    • #3315188


      by daygo ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      Don’t discount IBM. They may have been more pricey in the past, but when comparing apples to apples they are equal. The support is great as well.

    • #3313960

      Go with Dell

      by bxs66 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We have both, Dell and HP. We recently just got two HP ProLiant servers and have problems with both servers from the start. It took HP at least three days to two weeks just to get replacement parts. We usually get a replacement from Dell within 90 minutes. You pay extra for HP servers and their service but you don’t get your money’s worth. We have been having problems with HP products and especially HP services for quite awhile now. Dell’s quality is not as good as it used to be but it is still better then HP based on my experience in dealing with both companies.

    • #3345437

      HP/Compaq for heavy duty work over Dell

      by lawrenceswong ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I work for a Healthcare provider.
      Our experience is that Compaq Proliant servers still beats Dell as heavy duty database servers/app servers. They are just better designed /engineered.
      Dell PowerEdge servers are fine as email/print/web servers.

      Win2K still has does not compare with Unix in terms of robustness.

      • #3327566


        by kong_tianshu ·

        In reply to HP/Compaq for heavy duty work over Dell

        Although I do not have much experience with HP/CPQ and IBM, as an ex-DELL IT personnel, I wanted to share with you a simple fact — DELL China’s US$4B e-business is running on DELL hardware 100%, 24x7x365. Among them some are running heavy duty OLTP apps supporting 2000+ users.

    • #3327511

      its all in the support

      by cgbullock ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      My company NOW is an all HP shop. When considering Dell or HP we bought identical machines, for identical prices, they will price match by the way. Got in the dell and it literally took 15 minutes to boot, after weeks of hardware swapping, OS reloads, BIOS updates, come to find out the specific monitors with the video card we purchased were causing hardware conflicts. Since the machine was functional Dell says that on-site warranty was not applicable. Yes, we have had some problems with HP products, workstations, but service tech was at the office with parts in hand in less than four hours. WE have several DL products and some MSA products, when a drive goes bad, usually during an install, HP sends a drive with proper RMS info we slap the drive in and we are on our way.
      I have heard the same stories both ways, but you just have to find the vendor you like the most, that is just my story above, I have heard great things about Dell but our first experience left a bad taste in our mouth.
      On a side note, do not ever buy from Gateway, their support is a blatent lie, we tried a gateway server and have had nothing but problems with it, we bought the 4 hour support contract and they claim the 4 hours start when we get the part on site, we have waited for 2 months on more than one occasion for parts to a dead Gateway server.

    • #3323157


      by dbroddle ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We looked at Dell and IBM and finally decided on IBM. Came down to support and history.

    • #3348485

      My preference is for the Dells

      by server queen ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I’m the sole server administrator for a large public K-12 school district. I administer about 150 servers. Prior to my being hired, they were purchasing HP servers, primarily LH4s. After I came in, I bought a few new HP LC2000s. The Dell rep came in and gave us a pitch, and was able to beat the HP price by almost $1K per server, depending on the configuration, and the rackmounts were even more of a break.

      I’ve been buying the PowerEdge servers for about three years now. My experience with the servers themselves is that they’re slightly more reliable than the HPs, the parts are much more modular and easy to swap out, and I’ve had a much better experience with Dell Open Manage Server Administrator. HP’s service has a slight edge, but I pay Dell for an extra 4th year of service (we keep servers for about 7 years here). I have had a slight problem getting past the entry-level support folks, but have mostly bypassed that by using the web to submit any service request that isn’t critical (one that doesn’t have the server down).

      They’re both good, but in my opinion, the HPs declined significantly in quality when they merged with Compaq. When I worked for Boeing, they used all Compaq servers, and those were great, but I can’t speak to their support, as we did nearly all of it in-house. Compaq’s price is significantly higher.

      Dell is very good about getting replacement parts to you FAST. The PowerEdge servers are very solidly built (my only complaint is that you can’t get them with wheels and the ones I’m buying outweigh me by 50 pounds). Both companies will try to get you to upgrade every bit of firmware before they send out a service tech; I’ve not found that either has a significant advantage there.

      Dell is usually very willing to haggle on pricing. We’ve gotten much better prices from them than from anyone else.

    • #3348930

      Reply To: Dell vs. HP Servers?

      by patrick.shepherd ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      I have had great luck with HP-Compaq servers. I have a client who just bought 4 Dell servers and 230 wkst and 25% of them ahd bad power supplies.
      I have had numerous problems wit DEll wkst but limmited experience with their servers.

    • #3351985

      Dell and HP both good

      by tlath1972 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      We have been using Dell Servers for a few years now. We just opted to get HP because we could have parts the same day. Thats only becuase they have a warehouse a couple of hours away. Dell could ship and have it the next day. There warehouse is somewhere in Texas. We are way up in northern New England. If you are going to spend $5,000 on a server it doesn’t matter which company you use. You are going to get a product that other people have used before. You are going to get a $5,000 machine. It’s probably like the argument with Chevey and Ford you have protesters on both sides. So I would just say either one is a good choice.

    • #3221332

      Dell Reliability

      by rsmith77 ·

      In reply to Dell vs. HP Servers?

      There are certain things that draw me back to Dell over and over again – Service, Quality, Support. Dell has been more than amazing in how they service and support not only the large, medium, and small businesses, but home users as well. This is a mark of a truly solid computer company. Consider this, Dell provides a relatively low cost assurance product to protect their systems, which from a business point of view, if the product you were providing your customers were of poor quality, then you would expect that you would begin to see a backlash in your bottom dollar, since your gambling that the poor quality product will hold out, but since Dell has significant confidence in their product, especially in the business realm. I could not imagine they would sacrifice their quality for a few dollars and their reputation, which is what Compaq did after many years of solid service and support, this is when Compaq died in the home user realm, but remained solid in the business realm and since HP consumed Compaq, I believe they have more than they can handle and have not provided the best product or service that they once had in the technology industry, which is to their demise. Dell remains the technology leader for all areas. I have purchased Dell’s technology for the last 10 years and have only see their quality improve and not diminish.

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