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Dell, who's got enterprise experience?

By martin ·
Looking to change from IBM to Dell for email, storage and the like. Am wondering about others experience with Dell boxes. I know they're cheaper but does anyone have specific experience with them that I should note?

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5 Years and Running

by ccthompson In reply to Dell, who's got enterpris ...

I have been running Dell Servers, Workstations, and laptops for about 5 years now and couldnt be more pleased.

Their tech support is excellent, if your machine is under warranty that is, otherwise, you going to get the run around. Buying a 3 or 4 year warranty is worth a couple extra dollars in the long run!

Of Course I cant say anything bad about HP or IBM, I have an older IBM server that is just used as a file server, but manages to run alright. And I have a few HP laptops bought from "Staples". No problem there either.

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by jbaker In reply to Dell, who's got enterpris ...

While I personally prefer Compaq Servers (now with HP's name), in the past few years Dell has really improved their stability and reliability.

Next time we go to buy a server, we are looking at Dell in addition to HP.

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My Experience

by ATXStranger In reply to Dell, who's got enterpris ...

We have two Dell Servers that we are very happy with. We bought the first server in 1999 and have never had to call for service on it due to failed hardware. The other server we have had for about two years and the only problem we have had was one hot swappable hard drive dying last week. Server support still seems to be based in the US so getting in touch with them and getting the issues resolved is a breeze compared to the desktop support.

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Dell Red Hat Servers

by jmgarvin In reply to Dell, who's got enterpris ...

I have had nothing but great experiences with Dell servers. We had a few Dell servers running Red Hat and Dell was awsome with support and trouble shooting.

We had a problem with a specific RAID card and Linux, they replaced the RAID card with a different one that worked well in Linux...for free!

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Dell Experience

by jeff.rash In reply to Dell, who's got enterpris ...

I've worked with HP, Dell and others, and Dell is hands down the best server I have ever worked with. I run three separate domains on three separate continents and have never had a single hardware issue with a server. (I have however had one motherboard and CPU that needed to be replaced on a Dell Inspiron notebook, but that?s another issue all together.) The Dell servers are easy to manage and the remote management card (that usually comes standard) is ?awesome?!! We have quite a few PowerEdge 2650?s, but we recently acquired a 2850 and it is even better. I?m not sure what they?ve done, but a 2850 with the same amount of RAM and a pair of processors running the same speed as in a 2650 runs much faster (could be a betted bus or motherboard). The Dell Versa Rails we purchased come with some nice cable management arms and easy to use ?zip? strips that are easily ?un-zipped? if you want to rearrange cables. We?re running Windows Server 2003 Standard and Enterprise with SP1 without any issues (except for initial testing and playing around to see what would happen if we didn?t read any install notes). The only trouble SP1 gave us on the servers was some miss-configuration of Group Policy; which was my fault and not a hardware issue. So to sum it up, I love ?em!

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Dell Servers Rocks

by jrice In reply to Dell, who's got enterpris ...

Great Support, Great Product.
Now their desktops and laptops needs some work !!

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