Dell - Windows 7 upgrade question

By jasonemmg ·
I have the following Dell model desktop computers, can I upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 32/64-bit?
According to the W7 upgrade advisor I should be able to on most, just want to confirm with people who have done so or attempted to do so with these specific models !!!

1. Inspiron 530S XP Pro sp3, 4GB-RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.5GHz processor and 640GB-HDD
2. Optiplex GX620 XP Pro sp3, 2GB-RAM, Pentium D, 2.8GHz processor and 160GB-HDD
3. Inspiron 530s/546s XP Pro sp3, 2GB-RAM, AMD Athlon II, 2.8GHz processor and 300GB-HDD
4. Inspiron 530S XP Pro sp3, 3.24GB-RAM, Pentium Dual E2180, 2 GHz processor and 300GB-HDD

Thank you to all for advice!!!

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Dell - Windows 7 upgrade ...

Yes sure, you can do an upgrade to all of them.
As long as you have at least 2GB RAM, and 2GHz CPU you are fine.

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Perform a Full Inspection First

by TheChas In reply to Dell - Windows 7 upgrade ...

These Dell systems are all better suited for Windows 7 than your HP systems are.

Still, you need to ask yourself are these systems worth the upgrade and how much life do I expect out of them?

Then, before you purchase the licenses, inspect each system for indications that the hardware is in good condition.

How clean are the computers?
A lot of dust inside and on the fan blades may indicate that the system has been running hot and may have a limited life.
Same concern if the power supply vents are clogged.

Any bulging capacitors?
If any of the electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard show an indication of bulging or leaking, the motherboard is apt to fail soon.

Are the hard drives and fans quiet?
If bearings are starting to wear out, components will fail shortly after.

Another thing to consider is the application software. Is the required software Windows 7 compatible?
An even better question is are the applications still supported for security updates?

Just make sure you are looking at the total cost impact of the upgrade and making a reasonable estimation of the remaining service life of the systems.


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