Dell won't turn on

By tsalad ·
My Dell Inspiron 8600 won't turn on. I press the power button, the lights come on as usual for 1-2 seconds, they go off as usual but then the caps lock LED flashes for a few seconds then stops. After that, nothing. The screen never lights up, booting doesn't start.

This happened after I cleaned one of the fans - which I have to do pretty often to keep it and the heat sink clean - and took the battery out to get the P/N for replacement. I accidentally turned it on with the battery out.

I usually leave it on the charger, no docking station. The battery is original and only lasts 20 minutes off the charger.

Any ideas?

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Re: Dell won't turn on

Do a test, plug the laptop (without the battery in) in to the mains, if it starts up ok then it will be the battery if not then you will need to look at the fans that you said you cleaned. Make sure all the fans are running.
I hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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Still won't turn on

by tsalad In reply to Re: Dell won't turn on

With or without the battery in place, same result. It won't get far enough for the fans to start. The fan I cleaned is in place and well seated.

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AC adapter seems good

by tsalad In reply to Re: Dell won't turn on

The ac adapter output cable had frayed at the strain relief, which i understand is a common problem with this model. I cut out the bad bit and reconnected the cable. The output voltage seems good at 19.5V. It's a tri-axial cable, don't know what the third wire is for or what its voltage should be, but everything's wired properly.

Didn't help, with or without the battery.

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Ok guessing here..........

It is not booting up due to one of the causes below.
I would take a guess and say that either your ram/ processor is not seated properly or both. Take out both (if possible) and give the processor a good clean (thermal paste), put new thermal paste (very small amount)on the processor then re-seat, it also re-seat the ram memmory.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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