Dell XPS 630i fails to boot right out of the box.

By callupchuck ·
Even the replacement machine does the exact same thing. It get's past the
dell logo screen, but stops responding just after the Xp logo screen goes away and where you would normaly expect the login or desktop to appear.

Dell support tells me that the hard drive may have been damaged intransit and has me spending hours on my own running diagnostics for them. I find it hard to beleive that two separate machines would experience the same exact failures, UNLESS it's indicative of something Dell is doing wrong.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Was it resolved? If so, how?

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Dell has issues

by shasca In reply to Dell XPS 630i fails to bo ...

Dell used to have a Hardrive diagnostic tool that you could put on a floppy and run. What do they require you to do nowadays?

We received our fisacl order of 128 Optiplex 960 SFF's in early March. We setup as we plan each remote office trip. To date we have configured about 70 so far. Out of those 15 have had either a bad power supply one system board, and three DVD drives that were bad as you say "right out of the box" That is our issue, and not sure it would explain yours. You can decide for youreslf from wht I have layed out.

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Dell boot issues

by callupchuck In reply to Dell has issues

And you are still buying Dell's?

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by shasca In reply to Dell boot issues

Who else is there reallY? Business class systems seem to be a thing of the past.

All the manufacturers continue to put freeware crap all over any other products.
Two hrs cleanup on a new system is worst to me than overnight warrantee replacements.

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os reload/diag

by brian In reply to Dell XPS 630i fails to bo ...

i have had this happen before, have you quick low leveled the hdd and reloaded the os (the 80mb partition dell has on the drive for diagnostic tools caused me some issues). also, download The Ultimate Boot CD and run a scan on the hard drive using seatools...see if dell is right about the drive.....seatools has yet to let me down.

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Good answer, but...

by callupchuck In reply to os reload/diag

I don't think that 2 identical machines from Dell should be experiencing the same issue, not do I feel that it should fall on the customer to fix Dell's mistakes. If it comes down to it, yes we could do the reinstall, but I'm still hoping that's not necessary.

Thanks for the honest reply.
BTW, I too am from WV. I grew up in Parkersburg.

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Seems strange

by Kenone In reply to Dell XPS 630i fails to bo ...

What kind of monitor are you using? Have you tried another monitor? After that logo the screen resolution is adjusted.

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It finally came down to...

by callupchuck In reply to Seems strange

formatting and re-installing the OS. It sucks, and if I were the customer it would have been sent straight back. I have no confidence in something that was never tested at the factory. Remember when they used to do "burn-ins"? It became obvious to me that the machine was built with an imaged drive and then the graphics card was installed later without doing any compatibility testing on it prior to shipment.

Oh well, the problem is now resolved, but I will not forget Dell's handling of the situation when asked about their systems by my future customers.

Thanks for everyone's comments.
Best regards.

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by shasca In reply to It finally came down to.. ...

that was conclusion as well. Dell has decided that spending time and money on QAing assembly line production is too costly and has been eliminated

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make sure drive data/power connectors did not come loose

by robo_dev In reply to Dell XPS 630i fails to bo ...

My niece had the same issue...her dell CD-ROM would not work on a new PC. She admitted, after much questioning, that she had dropped the desktop PC when taking it out of the box. Simply re-seating the connectors took care of it.

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LOL -- I got an

by The Scummy One In reply to make sure drive data/powe ...

HP Media center and paid extra (like $10) for the front cardreaders. Anyway, they didnt work outta the box. Tried a few things, then removed the panel -- it wasnt plugged in. When I plugged it in, it seemed tight.
I watched for about 30 seconds as it popped itself off again. The way the cable was routed, it needed to be a little longer. A re-route to the underside of the wire mess, it had ample room and has not given me cr@p since.

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