Dell XPS Gen 2 Power up problem

By lance.macarthur ·
I bought a xps gen 2 laptop the other day which had a broken 6800 in it which a replaced with ati x300. after that it was working fine until i decided it would be a good idea to fix the sound.
i took the laptop apart and repaired the dry joints on the audio jack. when i put it back together it wouldnt boot. it just turns on the three lights near the power button (capslock and some others) and the power led glows. after about 3 seconds it turns off. the fans dont power up but the hard drive spins. The screen doesnt come on or the backlight. The charging led doesnt glow if plugged into ac with battery. same problems if the battery/ac is in or out.
i have tried swapping the ram arround
removing un needed devices like hdd, cd, ram, gpu, still same problem.
im thinking it may be a cpu/motherboard error?
any ideas?
I noticed a few people have had this problem before.

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Re: Dell XPS Gen 2 Power up problem

by jemdogs In reply to Dell XPS Gen 2 Power up p ...

I am having the exact same problem. After I took apart/reassembled my XPS Gen 2 to clean out dust buildup in the fans/heatsinks, it will not boot. I get nothing on the screen, and it shuts off after about 3 seconds. I imagine I must have put it back together wrong, but I've checked everything and can't seem to find the problem.

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Dell XPS Gen 2 Power up problem

by rizzler In reply to Re: Dell XPS Gen 2 Power ...

Hi guys,

Did you manage to find out how to fix the problem. I had exactly the same thing when trying to fix my headphone socket on the system board.


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Dell XPS Gen 2 Power up problem

by vislee In reply to Dell XPS Gen 2 Power up p ...

Have experience with same issue.
Purchased Gen 2 last year after 1 month without opening or changing anything it would not turn on . Spoke with Dell they suggest Motherboard so i purchased a replacement , while waiting for it arrive i purchased another laptop . When i went to install MOBO just before disasembly i pushed power button at it turned on . It had been sitting in it's case for a month .
Same thing happened few days ago , so i changed out MOBO this time and CPU whith no change , still will not turn on .

So i suggest it probably is not worth while buying replacement MOBO or CPU .

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