Dell XPS M1330 Built in BootManager

By Cabanas$ ·
Hi all,

My laptop is installed with Vista Premium from Dell and I wanted to keep it but also run Windows 7 on the same system.

I took the option to have a removal USB drive with Windows 7, instead of creating a new partition and have both OS's on the same HDD.

The way I have intalled Windows 7 was by removing the local HDD with Vista installed and replacing it with a new HHD where I installed Windows 7.

I the swapped the HHD and tried to boot from the USB drive with Windows 7. The Boot Manager identifies the two OS's but when I boot from USB, after the first few bootup stages the I get a blue screen. And this happens with either of the OS's booting from USB.

Due to changes on the MBR, both OS's had to be repaired and maybe this is an important clue related to the booting process. Maybe a ID conflict?

Any comments are welcome to circunvent this problem.

Many thanks

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Where you have gone wrong here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dell XPS M1330 Built in B ...

Was in removing the Internal HDD. It always will have necessary Files written to it in it's Root to enable the system to load correctly.

But having said that any OS running off a USB External Storage device is going to be extremely slow and at best unreliable. They where never designed to be run from a device like this and the Data Transfer speeds are way below what the system needs to run satisfactorily.

I would suggest sticking the Vista Drive back in and repairing that then shrinking the Partition that it's on with something like G Parted which is free from here


Or any other Disc Partition Tool that you have access to and then installing the 7 Version tot he Unused space on the HDD to get a fair comparison between the 2 different OS's.


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Making a backup Image with Dell seems impossible

by Cabanas$ In reply to Where you have gone wrong ...


Just noticed that you also respond to another post of mine regarding a iQon machine :-).

At first I was going to follow your suggestion and partition the OEM HDD, after resizing it.

What stop me from doing it was that I do prefer to make a back up of the system before comitting substantial changes (just in case!). I tried imaging the system with Clonezila and Norton Ghost but they have all failled. Either by creating a image or by cloning directly on to another HDD.

I did try to resize the Vista partition when Windows 7 was running on the system (Vista on USB caddy) using the windows tool in computer management. I once used a third party partition tool (Can't remember which one now) but it made things very wrong for me at the time.

So I found myself stuck, because I couldn't transfer Vista to another HDD (bigger) and then have 7 installed on a fair HDD space too (two OS's in 1 HDD) or riseze the original HDD to fit 7 in it!! :-(

Am I going nutts?!? Or Dell made things this way?!? No point asking Dell cos they just want your money!


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Well the problem here is that Dell have a Recovery partition

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Making a backup Image wit ...

So the C Drive is just a Partition and the Primary Boot Files which reside in the Root of the HDD are not getting copied when you clone the drive.

I believe the way around this is to Clone the Recovery partition first to the root of the replacement drive and then the C Drive/Partition whichever you want to call it to the remainder of the new Drive. Of course if your system has a D partition you'll need to include that as well.

I should add that I don't clone this type of drive I just Blow them away and setup the systems as I want them without any Recovery Partitions. Makes things a bit harder if you need to constantly rebuild the systems but from my experience it makes them far easier to deal with.


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