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Dell's No Backup CD policy

By PapaWhiskey ·
I have to order two new PC's for our network, but I'm very annoyed with Dell, and considering buying elsewhere.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it extremely annoying that we now have to pay $10 to get an OS backup CD when we order a new Dell computer? Their argument is that PC Restore recovery solution by Symantec? comes pre-installed on a separate parition on the computer's hard drive. Well what good is that if the drive fails (and it will fail eventually)? When the drive fails, the restoration partition will be toast too.

I was annoyed enough that I went to Lenovo's (formerly IBM's PC division) web site to look at their offereings, but was confronted with not only the same situation, but worse. They don't even give you the option to pay extra for the OS CD. They also have restoration files on a separate partition, but if the drive fails, you have to contact their tech support department, request and pay for the OS CD for the price of $40, then wait for them to ship it to you. Am I way off base for being annoyed by this?

With Dell, I know it's only $10, but it's the principle. How do they benefit from spliting it out, and making it appear as an extra cost? I have purchased many Dell systems, and received the OS CD with the computer. On several PC's, we have had hard drive failure, and I have had to buy new hard drive's, and reinstall the OS.

What about the average PC buyer who knows very little about partitions, and restoring an OS? Most will find themselves with a major headache when they need to replace the hard drive, and reinstall the OS, and find they have no CD to reinstall from.

Is this total stupidity?

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Welcome to the world of margins and morons

by TheChas In reply to Dell's No Backup CD polic ...

First off, like it or not, Dell and ALL major PC manufactures have no choice but to not ship OS or recovery CDs with their systems.

The cost of the CDs, handling, inventory, and obsolescence is just too high in this age of ever slimmer profit margins.

Plus, I do believe that if they include an actual CD, Microsoft requires a higher fee for Windows and Office than without.

Tell me this, if Dell's PC included the CDs, but cost $20 more than other comparable PCs, how much less business do you think they would get?

From the customer support end of things, how often have you run across a user or IT department that has lost track of the install or recovery CD for a specific PC?

If you are working customer support, the call takes a lot less time if you need only access a hidden partition rather than waiting for the user to find their CD.

Do I like what Dell and the other major brands do in the quest for sales and profits?

That is why I build my own PCs, and keep track of the OEM Windows CD.
Do I pay more for a system?
Yes, but I know exactly what I have and what to do to maintain it.


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stupidty isnt the word for it

by catfish182 In reply to Dell's No Backup CD polic ...

It is a clear case of a person who has not worked in the IT field making the choices. What I do when a PC comes in. I dont even mess with what they give anymore. I had to restore once and i was crunched for time. So i used the "access ibm" to restore. After 2 tries it did work but what i got was crap. After that I told my boss we need to get get Ghost 10 and just go from there. Life is much easer now but this is what is interesting. On new PC's we asked to to not send it with a OS. They will not do it. We are still charged for it even though that iamges shelf life is 2 hours once it arrives.

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by antuck In reply to Dell's No Backup CD polic ...

It is a royal pain and one I've never understood. Compaq started this years ago. Everyone else seems to be following suit. No more are the recovery disk sent with a new computer. They do how ever give instructions on how to make the recovery disk. But most end users don't know what they are talking about and never make the disk.

I have always had a problem with this because a hard drive is going to fail. Once it fails you will not be able to get to the recovery partition. Being that most end users never make the recovery disk they are stuck calling the OEM and requesting a disk. Now comes a real big problem. What happens when the OEM decides to quit making the disk. Where is the end user at now. Or worse when I had to call Gateway for a customer and try and get a recovery disk, I was told that after 30 days you could no longer order the recovery disk. I argued but could get them to budge. I have seen where HP and Compaq will no longer make a recovery disk and the user is out of luck or has to buy a full copy of Windows. How is that fair? they paid for there copy of Windows when they first purchased it.

I always build my own systems. I try to tell others to spend the extra money and have a system built vs buying OEM. I always remind them the saying you get what you pay for. The $400 computer is just that and nothing more.

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by Gigelul In reply to YES

If they still have the MS OEM product key, where is the problem to use other CD or a CD copy from a friend?

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What computer are you ordering?

by jdmercha In reply to Dell's No Backup CD polic ...

I don't see any $10 charge for the OS media.

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Dimension 4700 on Small Business site

by PapaWhiskey In reply to What computer are you ord ...


Click the "Desktop and Workstations" icon, then "View All Dimensions" icon, then "Customize It" icon under Dimension 4700, then "Customize it" under the base system. Scroll down to the 3rd item "Operating System Backup & Recovery
PC Restore recovery solution by Symantec? comes pre-installed on your computer's hard drive. If you require CDs to perform advanced tasks chose the CD for the operating system you selected above." Look at the options below that.

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please help. dell 700m home edition OS backup cds

by vishwanath_79 In reply to Dell's No Backup CD polic ...

could someone please let me know as how to make OS backup/restore CDs from Dell 700m which has winxp professional edition. i bought this new laptop with preinstalled OS. the recovery is also present on a hidden partition. but i would me messing around with my harddisk to install linux and stuff. so i really want to make a backup of my restore stuff.

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