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Delphi, c# or java

By shress1 ·
I am thinking about building a program that basically does a general UML kind of task. It will have a tree structure in a column, the graphical interface (Playground where users can drag/drop images) in the center, and a table form of the data in the right. I am also thinking about using menus like double-click to pop up a frame to store some data info about the graphics. I am pretty new about porgramming, and I have not programmed anything of high level besides samll projects that I have done for school. I will appreciate your help. Thank you.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Delphi, c# or java

Try python. It's a good programme to start learning with and easy to grasp


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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Delphi, c# or java

C#. Java is a nightmare for a newbie and delphi, beautiful as it is is dying.
If you do use delphi, look up the TListView component.

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by melser.anton In reply to Delphi, c# or java

While Java is quite difficult for the newbie, I would suggest you go for Java. Why? Because you have the Eclipse platform which has already done 99% of what you want to do. Really, if you spend some time learning about eclipse and the eclipse RCP (basically a platform that lets you reuse everything that they have done in the eclipse environment, and lots more...) then you will not only learn lots of VERY useful stuff, you will have thousands (millions?) of hours of quality code at your fingertips. If you know what you are doing (and that may take some time :-() then you will be able to do what you want in a day or two.
C# is great, and .net 2 a fantastic platform, but you will either have to spend to get your UML or do lots of very difficult work yourself.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Delphi, c# or java

I read all these answers, and decided to give an answer too (even if is so late) because I don?t agree with these. My opinion is Delphi. Why? Because, with all the free downloadable components, you can do almost anything, very fast and easy. Visit some Delphi communities? site and take a look about examples. (I?m sure you can find a ready mated example of what you need)

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