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    by jengianfrancesco ·

    I want to run delprof against remote pcs to delete profiles older than 30 days.

    It will only work if I run it on my local pc.

    If I give it the name of a remote computer it asks to cofirm the deletion of the profiles but when you access the remote pc they are still there.

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      by jeaster ·

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      What is the user context that delprof runs in…if it is not someone with Domain Admin writes, it will have access issues I believe

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      by rji ·

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      The example below show deletes profiles on pc1 after 30days of inactivity.

      \\server\sharename\delprof.exe /q /c:\\pc01 /d:30

      Create a batch file and copy and paste the example, just change the pc names.


      and the following line to your login script.

      \\server\sharename\delprof.exe /q /d:30

      NOTE: sometimes if a profile is corrupt it will not delete the rest of the profiles, so run it more than once.

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