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Demand Dial Reconnect

By CharlieBapt ·
I have set up a one way demand dial VPN PPP connection over a cable modem from a 2003 server to a SBS 2000 server with a fixed IP on the SBS2000 server.It appears to be working fine until a disconnect and then the only way I can get a reconnection is to delete the interface on the remote 2003 server and remake the interface. Any ideas what's going on and how I can fix it?

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by CG IT In reply to Demand Dial Reconnect

so what's the error you get on reconnect?

With SBS 2000 are you running ISA 2000? If so, how do you have RRAS configured?

Is the W2003 server a member server of the SBS domain? What is the W2003 server for that it needs to connect to the SBS domain? if the W2003 server is a DC in a site in the SBS domain, is it configured in AD sites and services and is the subnet associated with the site listed in AD sites and services.

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by CharlieBapt In reply to Demand Dial Reconnect

I'll try to answer as best I can.Looking at the log file on the SBS 2000 it says NO_SUCH_USER. Ther Server 2003 is listed as a site in the AD. Currently all four workstations at the remote site (where the 2003 server is located) all make individual VPN connections to the SBS2000 server. I'm thinking that if I can get the workstations to log onto the 2003 server and have it make the only connection through demand dial, that it might improve the flow of data back and forth. The SBS used 192.168.42.* and the 2003 uses 192.168.2.*

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by CG IT In reply to Demand Dial Reconnect

if you want users to log on to the W2003 server at the site, then the server has to be a DC with the GC role assigned to it. Then you configure the server to replicate with the SBS server over the WAN link.

Users then authenticate with the W2003 DC.

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