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DemarTech, DNS being blocked.

By jm ·
Using DemarTech 5.xGhz 802.11a radios.
When trying to access the internet over a bridged link, this is what I get on the bridge system log that is on the gateway side:

"kernel: wpci0: disregarding packet going the wrong way."

Many of them each time a web browser tries to pull up a page.

Gateway = and this bridge,, are connected through a 10/100 switch. Other PC's on the LAN can get to the internet fine. All on the same 192.168.2.x network. Anything ACROSS the bridge can ping the whole network including the gateway, but not the dns server or the internet. DNS is and is the DSL modem that is connected to the gateway. The Gateway is a simple DSL router by SMC.

VERIZON.... They keep screwing up assigning the static IP. It's been ongoing for 2 weeks now. Scary.

Is there a firewall setting wrong? I haven't changed it's factory setting.


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by jm In reply to DemarTech, DNS being bloc ...

Demarc Technology, not Demar. Sorry.

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by BFilmFan In reply to DemarTech, DNS being bloc ...

Since DNS is where is the gateway for the network?

How is the router configured, since it is obvious that there is no connection from the 192.168.1.x and 2.x networks.

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by jm In reply to

The gateway for the 1.1 network is the SMC router. 2.1 on the private side and 1.1 on the wan side. Verizon assigned 1.1 to the dsl modem.

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by MarkzAlot In reply to DemarTech, DNS being bloc ...

Firewall is always a possibility but there are other more likely probabilities. How are you running your SMC as a bridge, Nat router, DHCP on Lan enabled? Does your router have a DNS proxy? What DNS address is assigned to your PC's ethernet adapter?

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