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Demo of HitBox Pro Available On-Line

By MTsugawa ·
I found your review of HitBox Professional very interesting and timely since I just returned from interviewing at their offices in San Diego, CA for a software development position with them.

I too was very impressed with the quality and comprehensiveness of the product during the demo that they gave me during the interview.

Your article forgot to mention that anyone can get a complete demo of the HitBox Professional product by going to the Web Side Story web site and clicking on the HitBox Professional Demo link.


This link provides a complete, real-time demo of the HitBox Professional product as applied to the www.nonstick.com web site. This site is a real e-commerce site developed as a side business by one of the employees at Web Side Story. You can surf around this web site and see, real-time, how your surfing impacts the various statistics offered by the Hit Box Pro product. It's very cool!

My favorite feature, which your article also failed to mention, is the ability to see not only which search engines generated the most traffic to the web site (Referrers->Search Engines), but also the most common keywords used in the searches that resulted in hits to the web site (Referrers->Search Keywords). This is an invaluable piece of information for sites dependent upon search engines for their traffic.

Anyways, I hope it is a good omen that your article appeared in my inbox the day after I interviewed with this company. Hopefully, I will be a part of the team that brings this kind of service to the masses.

Mark Tsugawa
Software Engineer

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